Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm wide awake, ready to go. I lay there fighting, resisting waking up. I know, by the light, that I don't even get up this early for work. My eyes crackle open, they are dry and immediately want to close again. It's 5:48am! I close them again, Dan and I innertwine arms, snuggle into the comfort of half awake, in your most favorite bed ever, on your day off. Seconds tick by like minutes and I crack my eyes open again, I see Dan softly, gently sleeping. My first thought is beautiful.

Deb is coming over today for lunch with Trav. I am making a spinach souffle with the spinach from our CSA ( a salad and cherry clafoutis with some rose that Dan picked up. A cherry calfoutis? Cherries (with the pits still in because they add flavor) sauteed in butter, sugar, lemon zest and almond extract and poured into a cassarole. Make a batter and add whipped egg whites to it, top the cherries and bake, delicious! Deb is staying here while we do our "research" trip in a few weeks. So, we have to show her where the dog food is.

Before that, we are going to Castle Rock and having breakfast. Coffee from Crowfoot and a pastry from Dream Pastries. The picture is their crossioant with ham and swiss but I think I am going to have one of their big, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, rolls with butter and jelly. We'll head over to Tony's for some chicken and finish off shopping at Vitaman Cottage.

Tomorrow: painting, cleanng and packing. The finish line is in site, 10 more days until we list the house.