Monday, September 14, 2009


Chard, caramelized onion and Gruyere Panad from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

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How Was Your Summer?

I wanted to get an end of summer shot of the flowers on our deck. I can't help but think, in Kauai, these are babies! Here, they're plentiful!

This weekend went by really fast. Too much going on. We left the house Saturday morning at 8am. Stopped at Starbucks for coffee and Einsteins for breakfast. Dan figures we haven't grilled a piece of cow since last summer so we stopped at Whole Foods to get some beef tenderloins. I saw some chanterelle mushrooms so I grabbed them figuring they'd go great with the cow. We headed over to DiVino for some wine, but it was only 10am and they weren't open yet. On the way to the hair dressers, I downloaded 2 songs. One from Against Me! that I mentioned last week, and Ignition, from TobyMac. Can I tell you again how much I love my iPhone! Tess and I had a hard time deciding what to do with my hair. It's so thick and curly and I was trying to get it cut for Hawaii. We decided to thin it out and I would worry about my Hawaii hair when I am there. Dan and I have been talking about getting laptops for when we move so we headed over to the Apple store. We both got a 15" MacBook Pro! This is my first post from it. I can't believe we are a Mac house now, but I have to say I'm lovin it! I have to take back everything bad I have said about them, they are too cool! I'm just having a hard time remembering command c for copy instead of control. We quickly stopped by Vitamin Cottage for some groceries and met Deb back at the house for lunch, plus, she had to give us the house keys back and I wanted to give her the presents we brought back for her. Finally, at about 4, I got to relax.

Sunday morning I made some roasted potatoes, zucchini, and onions covered in a Gruyere cheese sauce. While Dan got us another Starbucks and some things we forgot at the store. While he was upstairs setting up our new Macs I made a snack cake and was straightening up. Our realtor was bringing over one of her clients (who is looking for a house) to check out our place. We left some cake for them to enjoy and went to the dog park. We have never been there but Deb goes there all the time and it's right by our house! Dan was having networking issues and we thought it may be because our router was about 6 years old, so we stopped at Best Buy to get one. I stayed out in the car with the dogs, and played on my IPhone. He came bouncing out all happy because he won a sweet Airport router worth $180.00! After driving around for 30 minutes trying to find the dog park we figured they'd be done looking at the house so we headed home. It looked like they hadn't been there so Dan called and learned they were on their way. So, out the back door and onto the Cherry Creek Bike path. While we were walking the dogs, Karen (our realtor) called and said her client was not interested because the house is too far out. We relaxed for a few hours before Dan grilled up the cow and I made sauteed onions and corn on the cob, both from the CSA for dinner.

Monday morning I wake up late and rush to my dentist appointment. Her question "How was your summer?" instantly slows me down. I have to stop and think. I say, "I went to Hawaii twice". It reminded me of how much has happened in such a short time. But the reprieve didn't last long. I had a facial appointment at 10:30 and I needed to pick up my prescriptions for Thursdays mouth surgery (I'm finally getting the implant process started). I dropped it off on Saturday and of course they're not filled! I hurried over to the vet to get some supplies and made it to Goldie's just in time. She has had a horrible time since I saw her last. She had to put her 17 year old dog, Max, down and her husband was in the hospital because he had a heart attack on Saturday. I came home and Dan had lunch started (tomato sauce from the CSA tomatoes and a few from our garden) and had all the laundry basically done! Yeah, time to blog since the season premieres of Dr. Phil and Oprah are not being shown because of a tennis game! Dinner, a Chard, caramelized onion and Gruyere "bread pudding" is bubbling away in the oven, smelling delicious, and Dan is happy because our ITunes library is in his computer.