Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today is the Day!

Mount Wai'ale'ale is making an appearance again, for the last several months it has been shrouded in clouds.

First, I would like to thank my friends who offered support inspired by my last post. A yoga friend, wanting to get to the root of the problem (as yogis like to do) emailed me a tender letter with some links. I have checked out one so far, Byron Katie's website and it looks good. Several friends suggested I be more gentle with myself, offering their objective point of view; I am too hard on myself. This, I know to be true, so the links are going to be useful.

Dan and I were busy yesterday getting the treehouse ready for my folks visit. We drove into the city to get a new stove. Simone met us at Sears so we could use her truck to get it home. We also got a new screen door. She and I drove the jeep home with the door attached to the top while Dan drove her truck with the stove in it home. Simone and I made a pit stop so by the time we got home Dan and Phil had the old stove out.  We left the guys to their work and, taking Lucy with us, ran some errands. We brought some volcano burgers back from TNT Steak Burgers and enjoyed them outside in the shade of the large trees at Phil and Simone's home, with a beer. Dan had to head back to Home Depot because the screen door didn't fit. So, as he went to the store again I cleaned the house. It took him 5 hours to replace the screen door, the second being too large by 1/8 inch, he and Phil cut it down. We have the best neighbors! They are so kind, helpful and generous! We love and appreciate you Phil and Simone!

Man that stove really makes this place look nice! I'm so happy to have a full size stove again! Yippie!

I had to put a shot of the screen door in since it took so much work!

Anyway, today is the day my folks come. They are in the air right now, the plane lands here at 2pm. They left Colorado at 3:30am Hawaii time, so I'm sure they'll be pretty worn out once they get here. I'm thinking we'll take them to Tutu's Soup Hale in Kapaa. The food is comforting, the atmosphere is comforting and the owners are comforting. Light, delicious, made from scratch meals that can be eaten outside. Today is a beautiful day so why not? Then we'll take them up to Princeville where they are staying at a friends home. They will be house swapping as our friends here are also from Colorado and will be there when my folks are here. They can meet the owner, Tom and get the low down before turning in for an early night.

I scheduled a massage for mom tomorrow morning. Puamana is coming to their place so I will bring my work there. I can work on it while she and maybe dad get a lomi lomi  (pronounced low me low me) massage. We'll meet Dan at our house so Baxter and Lucy can see their grandparents. They are going to be totally stoked to see them! Then we'll head to the Oasis for lunch and shop around. We can take them to Papaya's so they can see where Dan works and get some groceries. I want to take mom to Kojima's, she'll be happy to see all the Kauai beef for really great prices. They even have lamb chops, ox tail and tongue - all things she likes! Depending on how they feel will dictate the rest of the day. 

Lucy took over my computer the other night!

Aloha everyone!