Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Again, Dan had a rough night. He got out of bed at 2am because Lucy was snoring up a storm so he went downstairs to sleep on the lazy boy. I fell right back to sleep and woke at 6am. Not wanting to wake Dan, I stayed in bed and read until 7, I figured we needed to get going. I tried to be quiet but Baxter came roaring down the stairs and woke him. He said he needed to get up anyway. He now has a rib out from sleeping on the lazy boy. Another soy crumble and egg white breakfast wrap later and we packed the stuff Brian will be sending us next week (so we have staples upon our arrival). We took the dogs to the groomers and headed to the bank. We needed to close our account and wire transfer the money to our account in Hawaii. The bank folks we a little envious but really excited for us and sent us off with well wishes. With our money situation squared away we went to Starz to meet Brian and Tiffany. They are such fantastic people and, as a couple, I think they have found their soul mates, but, that's my opinion! I wish them as much happiness as Dan and I have had, more if that's possible. At home, we ate our last Chipotle meal, listening to the CD Karen gave us. Henry Kapono and his album "The Wild Hawaiian", is fan-freaking-tastic! This guy rocks, like a Hawaiian Widespread Panic with some Santana splashed in. Dan's sister Susan came by with Savannah and loaded their mini van up, they are going to come back tomorrow for the rest. Dan made some quick phone calls dealing with changing our address for our 401k's and credit card, then took off to the the vet so the dogs can get the flea and tick stuff applied and Dan can get their health certificate and some doggie downers for the trip. Meanwhile, I waited for Deb and Travis to come by and packed the dishes for our neighbor. Deb and Travis happily took all the food stuffs, the vacuum for Josh and the Blue Ray player for Wes. Dan got back from the vet, $517.00 less,  just in time to say goodbye and we headed over to our neighbors Jed and Stacey. We had a great meal at Texas Roadhouse and said our goodbyes.

To y friends and family reading this, sorry the posts are lack luster, I promise they'll get better once we are in Hawaii!

A Letter from Bernie

This just makes me feel so good! Bernie's husband builds computers and donates them to people who can't afford them. We really are leaving some great people!

Berni Collopy Holmes January 11 at 9:24pm
Marta...uh...I don't have an email for Dan, so please pass this along to him too. My husband is in utter shock. I may not see him for days. Weeks even. The happiest man on the planet says thank you, followed by a heartfelt "I'm not worthy"... All of this stuff will not only keep him busy and happy, but will ultimately make several more people very happy as well. After the initial kid in a candy store reaction, he seems to have calmed down somewhat and plans to take his time savoring all the new toys. To say thank you just doesn't seem good enough, but THANK YOU!! And yes, he has already plugged in the monitor and cracked open the tower. Geek.

Seriously, this is so cool, but are you sure you wanted to get rid of ALL this stuff? It's not too late to change your mind on the way cool laptop bag, and there's also a cool little wooden ring box that possibly has some sentimental value, and a 1966 100 peso coin of some sort. And film. Some shot, some not. Please at least send me your new address and I will get it developed and send it to you WITHOUT looking at it (promise). I think I have your new address, but in case you haven't noticed, I lose stuff.

Let me know how much you want for the white pantry thing and I'll come pick it up tomorrow sometime, if you're inclined to sell it. I know you were going to get write-off money for it by donating it, so I'll definitely pay you. Unless you'd rather just donate it, and that's fine too. I understand at this point you probably just want it done and over with, and I don't blame you one bit!

Gimme a holler when you can. If I don't see you again before you leave, I wish you safe journey and many happy adventures!

More Packing

Dan got up at 4:15 this morning and feels pretty good. A cramp in his leg woke him up and he thinks it's because he had to sleep in a weird position because little Lucy was owning some precious space on the bed. I got up at 6, feeling really rested. After a soy crumble and egg white wrap for breakfast we got to work. Dan's big project for the day was the garage. I started on the kitchen emptying out everything I wanted to pack from the cabinets and pantry. I left everything I'm not taking for Deb and her son Travis to go through. Dyanne pretty much cleaned out the freezer in the garage, so I guess now all that's left is to do is clean it. Sigh. We sat down to a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and took a nap until Deb came over. With her help I was able to get the kitchen stuff packed. Bernie came by to get an end table and loads of miscellaneous computer stuff for her husband. We went to Granelli's for a last taste of our favorite pizza accompanied by our favorite red wine Layer Cake. Of course, I fell asleep during the movie and again went straight up to bed.