Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, it's getting more real everyday. We have 6 days of work left, maybe 7 if they don't give us the half days for Christmas and New Years off. The plan is to rent a U-Haul on the 14th of January, fill it up with everything we don't want and take it to the Goodwill. We'll go back home and load up everything we are taking, say goodbye to the house and stay over at mom and dads. We will drive out to LA on the 15th, we plan on pulling into Hollywood the 16th. On the 18th we load up the cargo and jeep and head down to Winchester to stay with my friend for a couple of days. On the 22nd, at 1:30 in the afternoon, we leave for Kauai. We found a really cute place and are waiting for the background check to clear, as soon as we are cleared we will wire him the rent and deposit, once they get the money ($1600.00) it'll be ours! I'm really excited. It is so cute and perfect for us. We won't get to Kauai until 6:30 or so and we'll have to deal with the dogs getting checked out, luggage and car rental, so we may be sleeping on the floor the first night! Here is the ad

One bedroom / one bath “cottage in the sky” with full kitchen. A free standing one bedroom with full kitchen cottage in the sky on shared one acre. If you are looking for a quiet location, fruit trees, in upper Kapahi then this might be it. Modern, clean and good to go! The neighbors value the privacy that this property offers, so please do not drive by without calling first. Yard service, electric, water and aloha included. Only $808 / month

They replaced the mini fridge with a full size one.

Here is a rundown of the costs so far.

Airline tickets for Dan and I from California to Kauai $1000.00, we are flying direct so the dogs don't have to deal with layovers.

Dogs, $400.00 in vet bills getting them ready so they don't have to be quarantined. The Department of Agriculture wants $145.00 per dog for processing fees. The Humane Society of Kauai wants $200.00 per dog to come to the airport and clear them. $250.00 each for air fare. $100.00 for crates we will probably never use again.

2 Hotel nights while in California $107.00. Car rental for 4 days $573.00.

400 cubic foot (imagine a jeep wrangler squared off) cargo container $2800.00, $1055.00 to ship the jeep.

About $200.00 for the U-Haul.

Whew! Not including rent and 2 weeks of car rental in Kauai (until our stuff gets there) the grand total is $7,425.00!!!