Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Day Today

Dan and I spent the day preparing to sell stuff. We sold a TV and boom box. He decided to pull the foosball table out and assemble it so we could get a picture and post it on Craigslist. It was kind of chaotic. Rob was leaving with the TV when the guy who wanted the boom box pulled up. As Rob was telling me about his glider plane 2 young men from The Latter Day Saints walked up. I told them we were moving, hoping to brush them off and they offered to help. Rob and the boom box guy left as the boys helped Dan upright the table. They stayed for a while, one of them was into the dead so we chit chatted. They were here for about an hour, threw their pitch in. We counter offered with our beliefs and all was well. They left their number, offering to help us move. Dan decided we needed to play a game before we sold it so we broke out the beer, tunes and smokes and had a great time. I love that table! We got so buzzed I didn't feel like making dinner so it's pizza and Dexter for the evening, maybe another game before bed!