Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everyday I Write The Book

Things are getting so much better every day.  Life is becoming rich, and has a slower pace. We did our final day of editing at Starz on Thursday. Friday morning, the spontaneous changes started to manifest. I woke up and did yoga, ate healthfully all day, smoked less and relaxed. We celebrated New Years with Brian and Tiffany, so some overindulgence there. We ate a fantastic Italian dinner, had some great read wine and went back to their place. I drank a whole bottle of champagne and totally regretted it on Saturday. We played Win, Lose or Draw and they made a fantastic desert. It was an easy, fun night and I'm glad we got to ring in the new year with them. Yesterday, I met Gail for lunch at Hapa Sushi and then we saw Nine. We had a good time and reflected on the fact that, now,  she is on the day shift and we are leaving, and she is on the day shift because we are leaving. We never were able to get together because of our schedules.

It has only been 3 days and I am responding to the yoga in immeasurable ways. My body is letting go of the aches and pains, it feels stronger, going up stairs and bending down to get pots is a lot easier. My joints feel juicier, more fluid and loose. My balance is better, I can get undressed, standing on one foot sometimes, without stumbling. I feel more solid, strong. Mentally, I am happier, calmer and more open. I feel more connected to Kauai and our decision everyday. I still wake up thinking about what has to be done and work, but, after Thursday, work will be a memory. I get up, go do some yoga and meditation and my mind clears out, gets lighter and more positive. There are great things ahead, I'm excited that we are on our right path!