Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 1 is over

I think we will both sleep well tonight! After breakfast, really yummy eggs bennedict with potatoes at Stella Blues - owned by dead heads - we just drove. We found where we are to meet for snorkeling tomorrow, at the Pacific Whale Foundation and became members. Talked to a nice lady who moved here 10 years ago, we'll be voulenteering there once we move here! Then we headed up towards Wailuku where the doctor's office is. We checked out some dream houses, found a .29 acre plot for $400,000. Ha! Drove down the Iao (sounds like e o) Valley and met the doctor at noon. He had Dan put on a pair of his prototype shoes and took us for a hike in the lush Iao Valley. His idea is fantastic but definately will take a lot of R and D before he's ready to hire us. On the way back, we snacked at Buzz's Wharf on some coconut, panko calamari and shrimp washing it down with an island drink called plumera red. Headed back to the hotel and rested for an hour or so. Dan trying to nap, me looking at all the Maui magazines I've picked up. After snacking on some Maui chips - my favorite - we drove west towards Lahaina to catch the sunset and sat on a pier and watched the sun go down, then headed to Maalaea to The Waterfront for dinner. Because of the movie Bottle Shock, we got a California red, Dan had MahiMahi and I Mahnchong, caught today, sitting out on the lanai overlooking the ocean. Dan got me a tuber rose lei, that smelled lovely all through dinner and even now as I write this post. Now it's time to read a little before lights out. I'm reading Sacajawea and Dan is reading The Power of One. We have to be at the pier at 6:15 tomorrow morning for our snorkle trip.

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I like coconuts

Cruzin around Maui, top down on the jeep, Widespread Panic on the iPod singing about coconuts, sun shining all round, ocean breezes, lush vegetation on the rolling is good!

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Day 1, morning

Sunrise at our hotel.

Room with a view.

Afetr a long flight we arrived at 6pm Hawaii time, 10pm, Denver time. We got our rental jeep and unpacked at the hotel. Tired from the last 2 weeks and the long flight, combined with the city feel here, left me complaining. We had a mediocre dinner at L & L Hawaiian BBQ, got our feet wet and went to bed at midnight Denver time. We woke at 4:20, the lights from outside made it feel like sunrise. After a smoke at the picnic table, Dan went to see about changing our room while I took a shower. He came back elated, ocean view for $40 extra, we'll take it!

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