Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guitars, Cars and Itunes

I just got an email from Gail and even though she reads the blog, she had a lot of questions. So, I thought answer them because they are definitely not in here. Under no circumstances will we be leaving unless the house sells. This is a dream we are fulfilling and we can afford to be patient. We want to set ourselves up for success. To us, that means having money saved to make the transition a lot more comfortable. The money we make from selling our home and most of our stuff is going to help us start a new life. Dan sold his guitar and amp to Bill Wednesday, that money is going into our Hawaii account. Not the one in Hawaii, we have one here. All the proceeds from any sales go into that. Except the car. When the car is sold we will pay off Dan's jeep, that way we can go to Kauai debt free!!! Last weekend a guy looked at the Grand Prix GXP for his mom. She is the one I was talking about when we were in Hawaii and Dan was talking to her on the phone. He told his mom it was a fantastic car. She is waiting for funding but her banker's wife (she lives in a small town) had a heart attack. She might come down Saturday, if she gets the funding, we are waiting to hear.

I have to say I love, love, love my Iphone. When we live in Kauai, if nothing else, I will make sure that thing is working. It is an indispensable part of my life that I just cannot live without. My latest favorite things are 2 new apps. Blog Press and Free RSS Feed. John Freeman is the blog master. He told me about Blog Press so I could blog from my phone. Didn't think I'd use it...key in Maui. I was able to record everything immediately after it happened, with vivid detail, for later recollection. If I had to wait until the day was over I would have left out so much. Instead, when I had pockets of time I was able to add to it as the day went on. Now there is Free RSS Feed, so I can follow blogs on my Iphone, brilliant!

Tamara booked me this afternoon for an hour. She is doing a sales video and is in the process of picking out music for it. Music is critical to the success of a sales tape hence the 7 people from marketing, in my edit bay, listening to the songs cranked up and avidly taking notes. No pun intended! She played one song by Against Me! called New Wave. The driving beat had my heart pounding in no time and the singer was singing my song! "Is there anybody on the receiving end? Reaching out for some kind of connection...Come on and wash these shores away...I am looking for the crest of a new wave...Are you ready to brave new directions?"! The song is about making new music but, you know how you can make any song your own, so it's a "going to Kauai" song for me! I was like "YHEA" (say it in your head with a demonic sound to it) like you are invincible! YHEA!!

Possible Job Links for Marta

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Papaya's Natural Foods

Healthy Hut

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Happy Cow

Kauai Organic Farms

Blair Estate Coffee

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Favorite Food Websites

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Useful Websites

We have been doing some searching on craighslist for places to stay. This one looks really good. It's small but I think I could live with it. It has laundry right there, a nice yard, a cute kitchen.

This web site is for Kauai news and community events involving sustainability

The newspaper

Google search for CSA's on Kauai.

craigslist for Kauai

Houses for rent

State of Hawaii

Kauai Chamber of Commerce

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Hawaiian Film Office

Love from Gail for Later Support

From: Gail Reisenauer
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 8:24 PM
To: Marta Lane
Subject: Hey

So I just caught myself up on your blog and have you ever considered writing as another job field? You have a way with words, I think you are very creative. Ideally it would be to write for a food magazine about the local fare for tourists. Maybe you could start one if one has not been started. Or even an e-zine. I have ideas if you are interested.

I have not seen you since you got back. How was the trip? Hopefully we can catch up on Friday. I'm getting excited for you. You mentioned it in one blog about how your attitude has changed since the decision has been made. I was the same way with Menards when I made the decision to leave, job or no job. Nothing bothered me anymore. It was a like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Anyway I also wanted to offer up any help if you need it. I have moved 6 different times I am a pretty good little packer already or anything else for that matter. In Oct. I will have Saturdays free so I could help then for sure.
Well, hope you are doing well and all things are coming together for you. I am still bummed about you leaving, because I know it is going to happen, but I am happy for you too. I can't be selfish. :)