Tuesday, August 25, 2009


After reading my blog, my friend John showed me this video. It's perfect! Click on the header "transform".

Ode to Pixel

Dear Pixel,
I hope you like your new home. I know your are stressed, your family is gone, you're in a strange place with a new family. I wish I could snuggle with you and let you know everything is going to be alright, have you lightly bite my chin in your state of bliss. You loved it here, the big open space to prowl around in. Catching birds and flinging mice around like they were your personal live play toys, which I guess they were. You won't be around to tag Baxter in the nose, make him whine, show him whose boss. I'm sorry, we just couldn't take you with us. I'll miss you, I miss you already, I've loved you for 10 years. You are such a lovable kitty, wanting to snuggle, especially happy to curl up on my lap if I'm sitting and reading, my chest if I'm in bed reading. I'll always remember your smile. I'll miss your soft, warm, lithe, body sleeping next to mine. I won't miss your insistence of being fed first thing in the morning. I always thought it was cool that you would come when we called your name; in just the right way with a high note. I love how you find the sun spots and stretch out in them, on your back, and take a nap. You know how to enjoy the simple things. It makes me laugh when I give the dogs their treats, knowing you expected yours as well. I know that you didn't care for fish. We placed you in very good hands, Rich is a great guy and he loves you already. I know his doggie is bigger than Baxter and Lucy. She really wants to play with you, I hope in time you'll want to play with her too. Please forgive us.