Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Been One Year

We are excited to have made it on Kauai for a year! When we first got here everyone said if we make it past six months, we'll be golden. Look's like we made it! No regrets, we joyfully look forward and are grateful for every amazing day we get to spend here.

I was just looking over my blog posts from our first week here. So full of hope, change and drive. In our first week I realized lessons I am still trying to incorporate into my life. The big one is patience. I have managed to settle down a little; the island is shaping my shaper edges smooth like a river rock.

We have come a long way in the short year that has passed by like a photographer's flash.  We are still in the tree house. We were used to our own space, so at first, the cramped quarters frustrated us. Now, we have learned to live gracefully within our tiny space. Timing our movements so we both aren't in the bathroom getting ready or washing dishes while a meal is being made, we dance a now familiar dance. Our separate rhythms have synched; when one wakes, so does the other. There is no frustration around it now, it is what it is. We plan on staying here another six months to a year; until we build our savings back up, buy some more photography gear and a motorcycle for Dan. He's over the slow moped.

Dan is still at Papaya's developing wonderful relationships with about 70 farmers all over the island. He just finished designing a simple website for a lady we met when my folks were here. Two weeks ago we went to Hanapepe town where Dan took photographs and I interviewed the shop owner. Last week he edited the pictures, designed the site and I wrote the type. The website for MoonBow Magic is here.

Our landlord who is also a realtor suggested that Dan do virtual photo tours. After some discussion, we made the investment and bought the equipment he needs. Now that the website is off his plate, he will start pursuing the virtual tours. He can use the equipment to shoot beauty shots, his real love. Although he did use it for the contact page on the website. It's a panoramic of the shop. He takes the shots for my articles as well.

I spend my days writing, reading, walking the beach and doing yoga. I have three regular clients and am responsible for writing ten articles a month. I also write a newsletter every quarter and have written text for two websites. It's a nice, slow start that enables me to learn and adapt this new career into my life. Dan is really supportive. When I start doubting myself he passionately bolsters my ego.

Baxter and Lucy are great, he is nine and she is eight. Lucy's hip has been making popping noises when she gets up. Like my knees and shoulders. This time last year, they didn't like the beach. Now, they are enthusiastic beach goers. Joyfully playing fetch or digging for Kukui nuts, their unbridled passion puts a smile on the faces of passersby.

I apologize for the infrequency of my posts. Life has swept me up in her current and I didn't think folks wanted to read about the mundane events of our lives. Friends and family have missed my posts, so I am back. I will put up a new post every Sunday but I won't have it show up on Facebook. So, have a great week and I'll see ya next Sunday!

Baxter loves fruit and veggies. I start cutting a Papaya and he's right at the counter!

Our friends treated us to a Willie K Christmas concert.

A cocktail from my one of my restaurant reviews. You can see what a beautiful shot Dan took. If you go to the website you'll see the publication's tendency to add a lot of yellow to his shots. And, the contrast (black levels from my video days) is way too high. I don't know why they do it, I have told them about it. It's too bad that his beautiful shots end up looking bad.

He took this one of our purple Ti plant downstairs. I use it for my business card.

This is a shot of some rambutans he took.

The other day I got up early to do yoga when it was still dark. Dan gathered his new gear, went to the beach and took this pano shot of the sunrise.