Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friends and Family

We got up early today because we heard an ad on TV for the Go car dealership. They are buying cars, at 120% of blue book! So we took it in and finally sold it. This economy blows, we didn't get much. I figure if we can make it in this economy, we can make it anytime! We got to my folks late, we had a chatty sales guy. He was nice though. Mom, good ol' mom, had the table decked out. She knows all of our favorites and the table is laden with them. Pica, Pica. In Spanish you pick this and that to eat. She had a beautifully ironed tablecloth laid out with wine glasses. A meat plate Serrano, Salami, ham, turkey, a pork tenderloin she roasted her self and lovingly sliced into perfect medallions. Olives from Spain (Dan's favorite), cheeses, white asparagus, Pan tomaquete (a baguette rubbed with ripe tomato, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt), avocado dip, chips. It was lovely and love embodied it. My mom loves with food (among many other ways). We had a great discussion about our moving, they aren't that thrilled about it. After pica, pica Dan went to help dad with his iTunes and mom and I kicked back and talked. After many I love yous, we left. We had to get to John Freeman's surprise birthday party. Him and his twin were about an hour late, and we hung out with Tamara and Vindrea until they came. Once the word was out, they were coming, the room hushed. We all waited for them to come in and yelled surprise! John was surprised, but took it well. Slightly turning red, he came around to everyone and said hello. Such a good guy (we call him by his super hero name Rely Guy). So kind, generous, helpful. I got to meet his family, spent some time with grandma, they are all very nice. Gail, Jonathan, Dan and I headed over to the brothers Leirer gig after getting a beer and a bite to eat. The pictures are from the show. I am going to bed tonight feeling love and gratitude for my friends and family, I will miss them more than I thought!

Bill Leirer on Vocals

Scott Waknin on bass

Chris Leirer on drums

Bill and Gail

Lovely Bill!