Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Does it make me lazy when I play fetch from the top of the stairs?

It looks like editing has come back into our life through no effort of our own. Our meeting with Michael and Nick went really well. We are really excited about doing a video for them and getting shots all over the island in the process. Nick is co founder of Noniland a Hawaiian Agricultural Research Center and Bee Sanctuary. We will be getting shots at Noniland as well. It's really exciting and I can't tell you how fun it was to be involved in a creative process for the joy of creativity, no politics, no egos. We sat on the screened in deck (where the meditation classes and other meetings are held) and brainstormed. One idea embraced and built upon by another, building so much momentum the meeting went over by an hour. The video is going to be excellent. We were so inspired when we got home Dan started surfing the internet for edit systems. We will trudge through this first one on our laptops using Adobe Premiere but if all goes well and we are to do more, it looks like we'll get the 27 inch iMac and upgrade it to 2 TB of storage. We feel really good about it so who knows!
The meeting room


My first newsletter for the farm went out yesterday. Jillian is really happy with it, she says she loves me =) Dan and I start our work weeks today, he at Papaya's until Friday and me at the farm until Wednesday. The guys are pouring a concrete slab at the farm today by the wash station so we'll have more room during harvest. It's all going so very well!!

Jillian planted some Purple Peruvian Corn that Turtle had seeds for and some popcorn just to see how they would grow. Since they did well she plans to use the corn as seed

Purple Corn Sword

Jillian, Azure and I went to town for lunch.