Friday, February 12, 2010

Am I Bipolar?

I keep forgetting to get the temps. It was hot, hot, hot today! No rain. The news says there was snow in 49 states, all of them except Hawaii.

One day I'm anxiety ridden, clinging to Dan, Baxter and Lucy for comfort and affection. The next day I'm on top of the world grateful that I live in such a beautiful, rugged place. Vibrating with joy, I know everything is going to be ok, in fact, it's going to be perfect. I tell Dan that I think I'm bipolar (JK) and he says he is too, so I guess that means we are normal!

Today, we spent the day picking up our stuff from the harbor and erecting a shed. Dan worked his butt off in the heat getting the storage shed up. Ladies, I know you know what I'm talking about when I say it sure was fun watching him, it's sexy to see your man at work, even if he is extremely irritated. He did a great job making all the little pieces fit and getting everything to work. Meanwhile, I carried boxes up and unpacked them.

Yea! My man at work.

All of our boxes look like this, and, the shipping company went out of business, so I guess we have no recourse if something major is broken. So far the damages are; a wood sculpture Dan made me when we first met, a ceramic chandelier we brought back from Spain, a small bowl from Spain and some Christmas ornaments. We have most of the boxes to unpack tomorrow. Our wedding china and beautiful platters from Spain made it in one piece. Thank you Deb for your fastidious packing! And, I love all the little things you tucked here and there to use up space!

All done!

We are both really tired, clean and relaxing, having pineapple, guava and vodka drinks. It's almost like home, tomorrow will be even more so!