Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Forgot To Be Grateful

me at the farmers market with my new shirt. I've got wing beans in my left hand and ginger in the right.

I forgot to be grateful for what I have. And I learned that when you want something you can’t have, it’s easy to forget about what you do have.
Thursday morning I woke up feeling blue. I spent a lot of energy doing the homework my writing coach assigned me. On Tuesday, I submitted a cover letter and resume for a local food magazine. My coach says I’m perfect for the job, but I still haven’t heard from them. Fine, I know freelance writing is going to be tough, and I know I need to do something else to supplement writing.

Wing beans taste like green beans
I wasn’t going to be able to keep seeing my trainer, I can’t afford it. An idea came to me last week when I went to my trainer’s house, and a client of hers jokingly suggested I go upstairs and make them all lunch. On the drive home I thought I could make healthy lunches for the ladies, and that would pay for my classes and then some.

Paula, my trainer, with Jen
I made flyers and dropped them off. I had visions of my email box filling up, and the money for Thursday’s class appearing. It didn’t happen. So Thursday morning I lay in bed, mourning the loss of the class. It didn’t work out, it would be my last day.
I snuggled closer to Dan. He has always been super tuned into how I’m feeling, and he could tell something was up. He didn’t say anything. He just held me, caressed my face, stroked my hair. He looked me in the eye, his bright blue eyes blazing with love and concern.

On the hike up Sleeping Giant, there are towering pine trees.
I had a check in my hand, and when I walked in Paula was in the other room finishing up with Beatrice. I set the check on the counter and began my stretches. I noticed that my flyers were set out.

A grove of eucalyptus trees means I'm close to the top

Susanna was on the chi machine, the last part of the work out. You lay on your back with an eye pillow, and you get slowly vibrated—it’s supposed to move the lactic acid from your system so you don’t get sore. I guess it works because I haven’t gotten sore. 

Wailua River

Jen and Helen came bustling in, full of energy and catching up on two days worth of events—we’re the Monday/Thursday ladies. Paula and Beatrice joined us and Paula said, “Marta has something she’d like to tell you ladies.” Uh, I do? Ok cool, I can step up. So, I gave them my spiel. Beatrice ordered a lunch for next Thursday!

The Wailua Homesteads is where Dan and I hope to live one day

While we were working out, Paula told me of a client in Princeville. She is 68 years old and walks every day, swims four times a week, and plays golf two or three times a week. She is seeing Paula to introduce weights and stretching to her routine. Paula suggested to her that I could make her some healthy meals. 

The Houselots

As Jen, Helen and I prepared to leave. Dixie and another lady came in, and Paula had me explain my idea to them. Dixie is leaving to Peru next week, and the other lady sounded interested but didn’t order.
After the exercise and support I felt better. I came home to get the dogs and take them to hike Sleeping Giant, when I found love notes all over the house, six of them. On my mirror, on the bathroom morror, in the shower, inside my laptop, in the book I’m reading, and on the water pitcher in the fridge! 

And then I realized, I have everything I need.