Friday, August 13, 2010

Dragon Fruit

Dan brought home some dragon fruit yesterday. He was really excited; he likes to find local, exotic fruits to sell at Papaya's in Kapa'a. It was fun to eat! Besides tucking into something that is huge and looks cool, they taste really good. The little black seeds are embedded in a soft white flesh and they make little crunchy pops in your mouth. The flesh is mild, sweet and juicy. Chilled, this makes a perfect snack when it gets hot outside, and it was hot yesterday! 

I want to say aloha to some readers in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, India, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Untied Kingdom, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Mahalo for stopping by! And Cindy: keep on keepin on, your dream will come true! It's amazing to me that this blog is being read worldwide; I've had over 800 page visits since May. Google now provides me with "stats" so I can see who is reading and what is being read. Pretty cool!!

Dan gave another computer lesson and showed his student how to take pictures and download them to his computer. They took a picture of this guitar that he wants to sell, hand painted by the seller!

Wednesday I was on KKCR, Kauai's community radio station. Jillian, to my right, was surrounded by graduates of her Seed to Table course. Steve is on your far left and AJ (a private chef) is next to him. We were all hot and dirty because we had just spent the morning harvesting for CSA and wholesale. A whole lotta veggies got harvested! We promoted Jillian's course and had a really good time! KKCR plays back the shows so tune in and give us a listen. Look for Kamran's  Garden Show on Wednesdays from noon to 1. But, for a taste of local Kauai you can tune in anytime, all you need is a computer and the internet!

Our boxes were full of beautiful produce

over flowing with vibrancy and color!

In addition to the CSA boxes we had to fill 4 wholesale orders. Papaya's, Tara Camp, Hukilau Lanai and Common Ground. Everything collided! We are short one key member; Eileen, who is on vacation until the end of September. With so many orders to fill, it was our biggest harvest yet. And, we had to leave 2 hours early to get to the radio station on time! Despite those odds everything went like clockwork! Yea team! This is the grid I created to keep track of everything, the # symbol signifies pounds. No # symbol means bunches.

We had some extra papayas that were a little too ripe so I made this recipe for papaya lime ice cream. Yummy!

Tuesday when I got home from the farm Dan had made this recipe with the chard that came in this weeks box. Ok, maybe I shouldn't wonder why my tummy isn't shrinking! But, how lucky am I to have a hubby who will make this kind of stuff? It was Deee-licious!!!

We are looking for another car. This one, being sold by a friend, is too expensive =(

When Shelsea and I have meetings for Island SOL Bakery, this is our office
and the view is of Anahola river.