Saturday, December 19, 2009

Conversations With Strangers

I'm feeling the aloha spirit all the way down here in chilly Colorado! Hadley, Shane's girlfriend, happens to know some folks in Kauai! So, she talked to them for us and here is the conversation, via email that we've had

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:42:37 -0700
Subject: Hadley's friend
From: Marta
To: Summer

I am Hadley's friend who is moving to Kauai. Hadley says you are moving back to Hawaii on Saturday and that you grew up there. How cool! My husband and I are moving in January, we will be there on the 22nd. If you have time I would love to talk story with you. We can use any tips, tricks, suggestions and friends that we can get!


P.S. Good luck on your finals

Aloha Marta :)

Wow, how exciting, moving out here to Kauai! I'm moving from here to Ohio...tomorrow, lol -- to my husband's hometown. I am definitely going to freeze! I wish I could be here when you guys got here to help you get situated and all, but I can put you in touch with my family (if you'd like) so that you have someone here on island that you can call if you'd like to meet people and check out the island scene local style. Out of curiosity, why the move to Kauai? And what part of the island are you planning on living in? That will help me give you some more info.

I'm from the east side, a town called Anahola. It's past Kapa'a town on the way to the north shore. Oh and feel free to check out this site, and take a look at the "Samples" section for some great pictures. My mom just wrote a book about our town and she's a great resource to have when you move...she knows a lot of people and can give you some good island-living advice while you're here. I'd love to give you a call but probably won't be able to sit down and have a good conversation until after this weekend...hope that's okay! Maybe you'll get Hadley to come out and visit you guys sometime :) The last time I saw her was in 1999, I think, we ran into each other at the Women's World Cup in's crazy, that was 10 years ago, time flies! I will definitely be in touch. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask anytime!

Take care,


I thought I'd start a conversation with Sonja's friend I met on face book at it goes like this

Marta Lane December 19 at 6:52am
I maybe be crossing a boundary and if I am, completely disregard the fact that I ever asked you this question. I need a favor. If you are anywhere near Kapa'a, we'd love it if you could check out a house for us. We are kind of in a bind. We will be renting something sight unseen which we are ok with as long as we have a contingency that if we don't like it we can move out at the end of the month. We get there January 22nd, so it would make it kind of tight if we had to do that. They guy renting to us doesn't know us from Adam so he's nervous that we'll leave him in a lurch, even though we are willing to pay for a full years rent. If you have the time, inclination and are in the area it would be great if you could check it out for us. When we get there we could give you $25.00 for your time and gas or better, take you out to dinner and or drinks, we'd love to meet you anyway. Let me know either way, what ever you decide is perfectly fine, no hard feelings, I know I am asking a lot!
Roddy Tabatabai December 19 at 10:05am
ya no worries... I have a pretty tight schedule for the next couple of weeks... But I have a question and I hope Im not overstepping my boundary... But why are you moving to Kapaa???? You want to be on the North side which is the best side hands down.... There are a lot of great places that are pretty cheap in both Hanalei and Kilauea.... probably even Princeville...
After this week is up I can go check that out for you... just send me the adress and I should be able to find it... Take care
Marta Lane December 19 at 10:36am
Thanks man!! You goof! We chose Kapaa because we found a place on craigslist 1 bedroom 1 bath, utilities, yard service for $808 a month. It's a "cottage" on 1.5 acres, 2 miles from the beach, with 2 other small cottages on it, and they take dogs! Seems like a pretty excellent deal. We only look on craigslist. The north shore would be great but we haven't seen anything in our budget, which is max $1200.00 a month. If you know of any place up on the north shore we'd love to hear about it. It's us and our 2 dogs. The address is

5911 Kaapuni Road, unit 3
Kapaa 96746-8201

Dan (my hubby) isn't how right now but I can send you the number for Jimmy Johnson, he's the realtor. You can call for lock box number.

Thanks again! happy holidays!

I only hope I can pay it forward! How cool are these guys? Willing to help out someone that they've never met! What luck!