Saturday, October 31, 2009


The beaches of Kauai are, without any doubt, some of the most enchantingly beautiful on earth. Visiting Kauai, nicknamed the Garden Isle, is for many a spiritual experience – a place where you can become whole again, a place to find your soul. The warm ocean is a very special transparent, sparkling blue, the sand so white and soft in places that is squeaks under your feet. Combine that with the lush backdrop of waterfalls rolling off the mountains, the tropical plants, fish and animal species and you find yourself in paradise indeed. On Kauai where the feeling and pace of old Hawaii has been preserved, watching the sun set on a beach will be a memory treasured forever.

One sobering thought - the Pacific Ocean demands respect. Waves can be very dangerous as they often break directly on the shore and rip currents can be hazardous and form without any warning. Always heed the warning signs and ask the locals, when they tell you it’s not safe to swim or surf, respect that. This island has long been the favorite of not only tourists, but also movie moguls and honeymooners. Kauai beaches - stunning, beautiful, enchanting.

All text and photos are "borrowed" from the internet.