Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 4

A rooster call wakes me, it's about 5am. The sky is pitch black and thousands of stars are twinkeling brightly. There are no curtains, we don't need them for privacy, so the sky is what I see when I wake. I'm a little restless, having just had a bad dream.
Dan and I were in Colorado, still living there, and we had a dinner party for 6 couples. I was bedraggled and frumpy and I forgot to make dinner! Everyone came to eat and there was no food and I didn't care, it was because I had brain cancer. The stars have faded and the sun is making it's slow rise. I like the natural alarm clocks; roosters, birds and light. I start thinking about money, we still have quite a bit left but have spent a lot in the past 2 weeks. I wonder if we should take most of it and buy a property to rent out, maybe to tourists? We still need to buy things, Craigs List will do for the rest, still don't have Internet, that'll come Friday. Ideas...If I personal chef 3 times a week at $100.00 for a family of 4, I only need to work 3 days a week...Yesterday, while I was looking at the tourist magazines, I read an article that could have been written better. It's a start up and most of the articles are written by the same person, I'll call them, do one for free, see where it goes. I tell myself to relax, it'll all work out, in time, be patient.

Looking down, out of the bedroom window.

Mundane but necessary business to attend to today. After doing the bills, we go to the bank to order checks. Angela, our banking representitive, spends a good hour with us getting everything squared away and putting money in accounts to make the most interest. She also tells us a good place to get fresh fish, and about changing our drivers license (we have to take a wirtten test). We learn about her and her family, she learns about ours. It was really nice, the best banking experience ever. She even gave us a piggy bank which is good because Dan just commented on how needs a change jar.

Stopping for a quick curry before laundry, we find a treasure. We are less hungry because of the heat (a good thing) and we decide to split meals from now on. But, I'm glad we decided that after we ordered! My pineapple, shrimp curry is so good, I stuff myself, finishing it all. We won't be having dinner tonight.

I haven't done laundry at a laundry mat since I was in my early twenties, the one cool thing is that we are doing all 6 loads at once. Two loads are blankets, one sheets, one towels, two are clothes. All told $21.00, I suspect future trips will be 2 loads, sheets/towels and clothes.

Even the laundry mat parking lot has a view, don't let the dark clouds fool you, it's 79 degrees (iPhone says it feels like 81), it's perfect. Not too hot and breezy.
Doing laundry made us hot so we had to get a shave ice. The ice is shaved paper thin so as it melts it's almost creamy, my new favorite thing!

The Hawaiian people are so genuine and kind. The bank lady, a lady in the laundry, and the shave ice guy are mellow, patient (let's get to know eachother) and really interested in you. If providing a service they want to make sure you get the best thing for you. The lady at the bank spent a lot of time explaining the different options and leading us to the most profitable outcome, at no extra charge. The shave ice guy gave us an extra squirt of ice cream (today, at his reccomendation we tried it with melted ice cream on top), such nice, easy people. I have a feeling I'm gonna love it here!

It's so hot I make a comment about going to the beach for a swim, to which Dan says "let's go"! With the dogs loaded up and panting, we roll down the windows and head for the coast. There is a sign posted "no pets", oops. Driving down the coast Dan pulls over at a scenic overlook, 4 feet below the cliff overhang is the coconut coast bike trail. We walk along the ocean, Baxter pulling like crazy because he's used to running around off leash. People are riding their bikes, walking their dogs or playing music; one couple facing the beach playing Congo drums, a man, alone in his car, (a light mist is now falling) playing his guitar. I want to walk along the beach more often as sunset approaches.

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Location:Kaapuni Rd,Kapaa,United States