Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Door Closes

Welcome to the last post for this blog. Thank you mom and dad, and treasured friends for supporting us during this adventure. You're encouragement has made the process easier to navigate, and I appreciate all the comments and long conversations!

I'm happy to say that writing, in particular about local food, has taken off for me. Every month, I write eight articles for MidWeek Kauai; two for Jazzercise; and 12 for my new website Tasting Kauai. That's 22 articles a month! 

In between, I am writing text and editing videos for the farm bureau's Kauai Grown campaign. Their site is still under construction, but so far, we have provided 35 videos, 37 text documents, and over 200 images. And there's more to come!

You can find me over at Tasting Kauai writing about Kauai's food scene. I'm also working on a book, creating a marketing plan, and having Dan design an ad for Edible Hawaiian Islands

If you want to read about life on Kauai, Dan's blog offers funny and thoughtful commentary along with his stunning photographs.

Of course, if you like his images so much that you want one on your wall, you can go to his website. He also does private photo tours and scenic portraits, so if you are coming, or have some friends visiting and want to snap shots of the island, or capture your wedding, anniversary or vacation with Kauai's gorgeous land and seascapes in the background, be sure to give him a call!

No matter what, well be having fun surfing the waves of life!

A hui hou!