Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Sale!

Yesterday the house went on the market! If you click on the for sale heading you can see the virtual tour, it really looks good. Our realtor Karen's company does tours every Wednesday. So, yesterday 13 Realtors came over to check out the house. We got really great feedback, one person thought it was priced too high. We have it listed at 265 and he suggested 250. Karen says since we have the hard wood floors, patio cover and back to open space, it's priced fairly. We even had some folks come over in the afternoon and take a look. Wish us luck!

My next post will be from Maui! Friday I'm going out with the girls Marisol and Dyanne for happy hour. Saturday we are de cluttering the closets and garage and Dan has to patch up the driveway. I'm going to take some clothes to a place where my friend Deb volunteers called Safari Seconds and drop off some single use food containers to Meals on Wheels (left over personal chef artifacts). Sunday, we are off on our research trip. We will meet with the doctor, check out some rentals, meet with a realtor, open a bank account and snorkel. My buddy John Freeman turned me on to an app called blog press so I can blog from my phone while we are there! Deb will be staying at the house watching the kids and hopefully dealing with potiential buyers. Aloha!