Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leaving Los Angeles

This morning we woke to cold rain and grey skies.

Today is going to be convoluted and involve a lot of driving. After getting breakfast at starbucks, we drive to San Fernando to drop off the boxes that need to be loaded on the boat. Our trusty, indenspensible, iPhones expertly guide us to the shipping yard. Turns out it's Martin Luther King day and when we scheduled, they were under different management and didn't have the holiday on the calendar. Someone has to come in and they load the truck in the rain.

Meanwhile, I give Baxter and Lucy some water and canned dog food which they gladly slurp up! They are done loading in 15 minutes. Having forgot about bike boxes, they wrap them up for us.

The port is closed today. The new plan is to drive down to long beach, pick up the rental car and drop off the U Haul then drive the rental car and the jeep to Ilissa's. We stop for lunch at a local Mexican joint, Pelayo's Burgers, off the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, and get some tacos. Me; El Pastor, slow roasted spicy pork and Dan gets the carnitas, also slow roasted pork with different spices.

We pick up the car rental, and drop off the U Haul and drive to Ilissa's, 90 minutes away. At 12:30 we are on the road. It's pouring rain, thousands of raindrops stinging the windshield. I just keep my eyes focused on Dans tail lights. In silence (the stereo is packed) we drive. Lucy is on the back seat, sleeping. Baxter, in the passenger seat, looks out the window. I drive the most intense drive of my life. Completely out of my comfort zone, I fluxuate between adreline rushes and monotony. The drive is fast and wet puncuated with welcome traffic jams. Three hours later, we get to Ilissa's.

-- posted from my IPhone

Location:Glenoaks Blvd,San Fernando Valley,United States

A Day To Relax

It's kind of tricky since we can't leave the dogs unattended. I take a shower while Dan takes the dogs out. After his shower we walk the dogs 3 blocks down Hollywood Boulevard to starbucks.

We are supposed to meet my friend Mary today. When we get back, at 9am, I call her. No answer, I leave a message. We lay on the bed and watch Comedy Central. It's noon when  I wake up, we fell asleep! Mary hasn't called back. We decide to put the dogs in the jeep and look for something to eat. Just as we turn onto Hollywood Boulevard, Mary calls. She gives horse riding lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
We decide to go to her house in Malibu and have lunch together.

Their home is beautiful, full of love and good cheer. Baxter is in love, there are 6 horses on the property and the space and smells send him into a state of pure bliss. The triplits, Julian, Evelyn and Eden are 17 months old. They vie for our attention by out doing each other in cuteness. First Julian rides the patient Laila, then Eden and finally, Evelyn. They are all willing to pose for a picture and love playing with Santa, who can't be put away. We get a tour of the house and property, it's drizzeling, so we all get wet and my hair gets really curly. Time runs out quickly and we have to leave.

The Front Entrance

The Guest House

The Man Cave



Evelyn and Laila

Inside the hotel room, we quickly change. No time to fix my hair we run to the Dresden to meet our friends for drinks and then Fred's for dinner. They've come from all over. Diana from Santa Monica, Dave;  Glendale, Scott, Emo and Emily live near by. Scott and Emily work on the show The Doctor's and Dr. Phil and my image of him is crushed. I guess he's a yeller and money monger. I still like his show though! 

Emily, Diana, Scott, Dan, Emo, and Dave

We get back to our hotel at 11 and take the dogs out. They are making a clear statement, "I would rather starve than eat this dry kibble", they haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon!