Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tuesday morning I was driving home from a beautiful morning at the beach. My iPhone was charging and in the cup holder of the jeep. Baxter is sitting calmly in the passenger seat, all tuckered out and Lucy was laying in the back (we removed the back seat). I’m lost in KONG, our local radio station that plays a fantastic variety of music.
I look over at Baxter, mentally note the he doesn’t look to well, and reach out to pet him. My arm rests on the center console and it’s wet. I look down a see puke on the console, the emergency brake and filling up the cup holders! I grab my wet phone and set it on the seat, praying for the best.
When Dan comes home he pronounces it dead. Apple tells us we are one month shy or our contract renewal in which we can upgrade my 3GS to a 4G. So, we head down to the AT&T store to get a new phone. In the middle of going through our options, all depressing, I remember I still have my 3G at home. Last year when we upgraded we kept our old phones to use as iPods. The lady set me up and now I’m using my old phone. Happy ending although I am already frustrated at the smaller storage space!
Isn’t it funny how we fill space up when we have it to fill. All kinds; home space, computer space, phone, iPod, brain. Brain space is a tricky one for me. I notice myself filling up my time so there is no space for reflection. This moment is the crux for me. To balance income with life. We moved here to allow space for life to bloom. To sever the tap roots of work, work, work; fast, fast, fast; and take deep breaths of life.
Doing work we love helps because it’s too fun to seem like work. Today will be productive. Dealing with cleaning the jeep and my phone left no time or desire to write up the restaurant review. I have a shoot tonight at 5. 
I just created this Facebook page for our business. Dan is making our website, in his spare time, so I think this will work for now. The idea came to me this morning. A kind lady found me through the travel blog. Another sign that my dear friend was right, God sent me an email. She thinks she may have some work for me!
Aloha nui loa