Friday, February 5, 2010

Old Town Kapa'a

Cloudy, scattered showers high of 79, 59 for the low.

Getting up early and doing yoga is one of my favorite things. It's quiet. The only sound is my breath and sometimes Lucy snores. She and Baxter always follow me out, jump up on the couch, and sleep while I'm on my matt. Here it's even better; the fresh cross breezes rustling my hair. Bright morning sun signifying the start of a beautiful new day. A flurry of palm fronds and tree leaves rustling on moist, tropical breath. Birds greeting each other, happily chirping "Good morning! Did you sleep well? Isn't today a beautiful day?" I even enjoy the roosters calling as the sun rises. All of it makes for perfect morning yoga sessions. Just me, the dogs and nature. I'm looking forward to doing it outside, but this morning it was raining. That was even nice, the sound of rain falling. When I'm finished Baxter comes over to get some post yoga love, his favorite part about the whole affair. We are both on the matt facing each other. Me, on my hands and knees, he, in a stretch. If you've ever owned a dog, you know the kind. Their forepaws are stretched out in front and their butt is up in the sky, what the yoga pose Downward Facing Dog was named after. I look up, and Dan is laying in bed watching us with a smile on his face, he said it looked like we were doing yoga together.

It's time to get my implant dealt with, I have a dentist appointment at noon. I got outside and play fetch with Baxter until he tires and go inside to read. Dan is on the phone scheduling surf lessons for my 44th birthday. A few months ago Dan sent an email to Laird Hamilton, a world renowned big wave surfer, asking if he knew anyone who taught surfing. He was delighted to get an email back with a number for Mike. We knew Mike was going to be good, and, expensive. Dan researched local surf shops and learned it was $55.00 for 60 minutes, board included with discounted rates for surf boards thereafter. Mike, is $80.00, you surf until you are tired and, he'll rent us a board for how ever long we want with the option to change it out and try a different one. He also spends the first 30 minutes, on shore, teaching us how to read the water, giving us safety tips and showing us how to stand on the board. He says we'll definitely get up but may not make any turns. I feel a lot better going to him, even though he is more expensive. He isn't cranking the tourists out, he's doing it for real. The ocean here can be intense, since we've been here the North Shore has seen a 60 foot wave in a set of 40 footers. I want to make sure we are safe and Mike is the guy to show us that. We are going to Hanalei Bay, but Mike will decide what part of the bay based on the surf report that morning.

Laird Hamilton

Hanalei Bay

Dan and I are in shock as we leave the dentist. In Colorado, the implant was going to cost $1200.00, here, it's $3200.00!! I'm going to have one or two more consultations, from different dentists. I may end up going back to Colorado to get it done!

We decided to have lunch in town and have a walk about. Fish tacos at Mermaid's Cafe. A tiny, outside seating only, organic restaurant. Across the street, was Orchid Alley. We bought our first orchid, promising the super nice proprietor, Feyl,  (we talked for 45 minutes) that we were going to attend the monthly Orchid Club meetings. Then we strolled around, checking out the markets, restaurants and tourist shops that line the street, finding yoga for $5.00 on fridays, bought giant chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookies at Country Moon Bakery, and checked out a place to have sushi.

Ahi fish tacos, black beans, chai tea with coconut milk and lemon aid.

Orchid Alley

Some of these have a soft focus. All I had was my iPhone and they don't like to take close ups.

These smell like chocolate!

The orchid we bought.

A river runs through town.

Coconut Coast Bike Path

Where the river meets the sea.

Sleeping Giant Mountain in the background, a soccer field to the right.

We had a delicious brown rice stir fry for dinner and those cookies for desert. Thank you, my dear husband, for making dinner while I caught up on my blog.