Thursday, August 6, 2009


There are quite a few of my friends who are expressing enormous support. It's this fantastic give and take that is going on, generating more and more momentum, swinging the pendulum towards Hawaii. One friend, after reading my blog, emailed me this:

"I am so grateful that you two have the courage to live out your dream. Very few people ever take the leap and honor their truth, AND actually live it! How it feels for me, is very freeing. I feel effected by your actions; it actually moves me, solidifies for me living my own truth and having the courage to do so. You know, we all effect each other all the time. The more of us that break free and actually start LIVING, the more of us will start doing that. We are all blessed with more than we know, few of us even realize our full capabilities."

Well put Sonja! She knows, because she has done it. Moved to Ireland, traded in her AVID editing platform for yoga and peace of mind. Her words encapsulate what this is all about. Living. The lessons are already coming. For the past 14 years I have had the same job. I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I have been in the same career for 24 years. My life is safe, predictable. Now, so many things are up in the air, so many unanswered questions. I am learning to live in the moment. To slow down, let go of the control, so I can see what life is offering me. I know intellectually that life will provide, that things I can't even imagine will happen, doors will open, opportunities will arise. But I'm learning how to feel it. To move into the current of my life and go with the flow. Surrender.

Dan already has this skill, he left Chicago on pure desire to live in Colorado and not much else. Now, 13 years later we are happily married and he is the best editor I have ever laid my eyes on. I know what you're thinking and it isn't because I love him so deeply. He really is fantastic at what he does. He thrives on the unknown, it invigorates him, makes him come alive. He has done so many things that force him to be in the moment. He climbed the diamond face of Longs Peak in Estes Park, with no ropes, alone. That was before we met. thank God! He's been to 167 Grateful Dead shows. He has kayaked the clear, cold, frothy rivers of Colorado. Most recently, we went to Nashville to work on the Country Music Awards. We were in an unknown town, an unknown post facility, working with people we didn't know. He came alive, he took the leadership role, became the man! It was a beautiful thing to witness. I hope one day I can ride life's current the way he does. Right now, I can accept the fact that I am learning, getting better, and, in the strong confident hands of my husband. Life will provide if the desire and integrity are there, and that is there!


The sun peeking through the windows gently pulls me up from a deep sleep. We left the windows open and its cool inside which is why Baxter and Lucy are curled up beside me. The Music of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Iz) - "on a white...sandy Hawaii... - is dancing across my half asleep mind. We went to Kauai in June to celebrate 10 years of marriage and listened to him the whole time. Now, we have our alarm go off playing his CD. Except, this morning the alarm does not go off. With the sounds of Iz blending into whale sounds I think of the DVD we watched last night. Humpback whales, off the coast of Hawaii, gracefully moving their enormous bodies through their playground, the ocean. We watch their hunting strategy, blowing a wall of bubbles, a perfect circle. Trapping the Krill inside they all come up through the middle, the Krill have no chance. Mother and calf swim side by side from Hawaii to Alaska, avoiding the Killer Whales. Dan is touched, I don't know what I look forward to more; seeing whales for the first time or, seeing Dan see whales for the first time.

On the evacuation front, we've had some nibbles on the car and gym equipment, but no takers.