Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Complicated

The sugar from the margaritas is running through my veins, making my heart beat fast and setting my mind in a tail spin. It's still dark, I look at the clock and it's bright face reads 3am. Dan is sound asleep. Ugh, I lay back down, try to go back to sleep. At 3:30, I throw in the towel. I have a lot to do today, may as well get started. I go downstairs and put on my cool new bluetooth headphones and fire up Itunes. I need something soothing so I pick Andrea Bocelli. As I'm importing the pictures from last night, Dan joins me, I woke him up. Fueled by kashi's 7 grain pilaf and running on 4 hours of sleep I make the Hummingbird Cake I made for co workers on their birthday. It went over well then, so I decide it will be a good one for mom and dad's 80th birthday party tomorrow. As I pour the pecans into the rich, fruit laden dough,  I remember mom has developed an allergy to nuts. I don't know what kind of nuts so I decide to make her a free form apple tart, she doesn't like sweets anyway, but loves her an apple tart. I also make some sangria for tomorrow. Dan is taking 13 boxes of books to a buyer, depositing checks, getting large packing boxes and getting an air line crate for Lucy today. Deb is coming to pick me up (since we now only have 1 car) and I'm taking her to lunch at India's Kitchen and then to see It's Complicated (click on header to see trailer). I was glad for her company and the respite from the details of the move. We only have 4 days until we leave our home, staying the last 2 days at my folks house. In that time we still have to finish packing and donating, Jonathan is picking up the full size bed, Gail is picking up outdoor clothing, Susan and the kids are getting the lazy boy, surround sound, and other miscellany items. They are bringing two friends, young girls who got their first apartment, so I'm sure they'll take a lot. We have to go to my folks birthday party, get packing boxes for the bikes and some kind of container for the large, framed pictures of our life experiences. I still have to call the insurance company, change over my address for the magazine subscriptions, we have to go to the post office to change our address. Bernie is coming over to get an end table and some computer stuff. We need to schedule the donation pick up, activate our Bank of Hawaii account, transfer the money to it and close our current account, drop off boxes of essentials for Brian to ship to us on the 20th, order an air mattress for delivery to our new home, reserve a rental car in Kauai, get the dogs groomed and take them to the vet for the final Hawaiian requirements, bring stuff to our neighbor that they bought and go out to dinner with them, go to the dentist for a final check on the implant they put in last Monday, go out to dinner with my folks, meet the house cleaner to get the keys and the realtor to do a walk through on the house, give him the keys and be on our way. Whew, almost there!