Saturday, January 30, 2010

Woot-Woot! Internet in da house!!

Another grey, cloudy day where you can't see the mountains.

Hope has been brought into the house, along with the Internet. It’s been a long week of waiting. Last Monday, Dan scheduled Hawaiian Telecom to come and install our Internet, the only thing available was Friday. Now, they can’t tell you what time they'll be there, so yesterday we laid around all day waiting. There have been heavy rains the last 2 days. The down time ended up being a good thing because we didn’t realize how much we needed the rest and our minds wouldn’t let us see it. Our minds kept telling us; get to work! Get your home totally set up! Find a job! We were being forced to slow down island style, whether we liked it or not. All we did was watch movies, eat, and take naps. We slept hard all night and this morning I woke up with the idea! I’m still on my old schedule of waking up at 6am; Dan has no problem sleeping in, usually till 7:30. I don’t want to get up and go to the other room and read because the light will wake him and so would any noise, for example, if I did yoga. The ceiling is vaulted with wood beams and the “wall” that divides the bedroom from the kitchen/living room/dining room, doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling. So, I stay in bed and try to go back to sleep, but I usually end up thinking.
The junk on top (suitcases, yoga stuff) will eventually go in a shed, once we get one!

Last week when we got together with Starz West friends, Diana asked if we would be available to edit.  She owns a company that is like a co-op. Clients like Discovery and TLC book her to get a project done and she farms out the work. She said she could send us a drive and we could edit from home. Sounds great except what if she calls? We are not set up for that. All week while I lay in bed, I have been thinking about work and the tree house. Initially, I loved the tree house. I loved being so high, seeing trees for miles, the mountain view, the privacy, and it seemed so cozy. As the days wear on I can see this isn't going to work for more than 2 years. The roosters are also starting to get on my nerves, we noticed on the North and South shores (where it's more exclusive) you don't see a lot of roosters running around. If I want a bigger house and less roosters, I'm going to have to be making more than $10.00 an hour working on a boat. So, this morning it finally hit me. Now, it may seem obvious to you but we were BURNT out at Starz, I mean fried. We didn't care if we ever edited again. Plus, we've been trying to get ourselves out here since June, a lot of energy and stress. We really couldn't see past getting here. All right, I'll get to it, you've probably figured it out anyway, maybe even before we left! The name:

Post Production Services and Consultation

We have to fill in the blank Lane Video? Lane Cuts? Lane Frame? The Lanes?

We are kicking around the idea of buying some gear and editing from the house. Also, Dan can consult for folks who want to set up systems. We have 38 years of experience combined, it's what we're good at, it's what we do. I'll do the rough cut and marketing and Dan will do the finishing and technical stuff. My friend Dyanne can do our web site which will include a breakdown of our services, a bio on each of us, our gear and capabilities, and, an FTP site so we can download and upload files. I'm in love with the idea, it's perfect. Our low overhead combined with the income would put us on the North shore in no time. Dan's only reservation is getting clients. I'll be calling Diane Monday to see if she was serious and approximately how much work she could be throwing our way. Our pricing is great, 2 editors for one low price. We can afford to undercut standard rates and still make more than enough so 1 job a month (lasting about 10 days) will be more than enough.

Two other bonuses. Smoke free day 2 is complete and we have lost weight! Hope is in the house!!

P.S. Now that we have the Internet, I can blog for real! I just noticed the comments my girlfriends left. Thank you! Thank you for reading and for your encouragement and support! I miss you guys!