Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucy Lane

Lucy is sick =( not sure what is going on, her whole muzzle is swollen. Plus, just her right nose hole =) is clogged and her right eye is really red and squinty. Send her some love would ya?

Yesterday was excellent. Dan and I drove the 45 minutes to the south side where Aqua Engineers had some tasty samples of what I made. They loved it, so we are on! Roxanna (our friend who hired us for the job) drove us 20 minutes further south to the boat house so I could check out the kitchen.

Aqua Engineers in Koloa

The boat house kitchen we will be cooking in

Dan and Roxanna look out the window as I snap a shot of the working space behind the kitchen

The food will be served, buffet style, out here

The property backs to the ocean

A quick walk and you are at the beach

We were starving so we went into Po'ipu and had some lunch at Merrimans downstairs cafe. Me; north shore mushroom pizza (Dan "are the mushrooms from Kauai Fungi?" Me "Probablly.") and Dan had the Kalua pulled pork sammie, YUM!!
Merrimans is upstairs, we ate outside at the far end

We drove all the way home and got to the grocery store parking lot, when I discovered I left my purse at the restaurant, Doh!! After a quick call to see if they had it, we spent the next 90 minutes retrieving it!

Dan is getting ready to go to work and I am heading out to the farm. Another day in paradise!

Dan in his office at Papayas

Farm offerings

A salad that Eileen made for lunch that fed us as well as some volunteers who happened to be the keyboard player for Maroon 5 and Graham Nash's son.