Saturday, October 3, 2009

He's in Foreclosure

It's a full moon tonight. Dan and I had a nice day. We went to see The Invention of Lying, pretty good movie, original concept. Then we had lunch at India Kitchen, a new Indian resturant in Parker where the old Italian Villa used to be. We had the lunch buffet and it was really good, especially the naan! We definately want to go back for dinner. We are waiting for Monday. Monday is the deadline when the inspection, appraisal and all the paper work have to be done in order to close on the 15th. Word is, so far so good. Then we have to figure out how to get a lease/contract for the remainder of our time here. They won't let us talk to the buyer so it's gonna be trickey. We picked the day for our going away party, Saturday December 12th. It's early but basically our only option. Work's Christmas party is the 4th, we are going to have our big sale the 19th, then Christmas and New Years and on January 9th we'll have a birthday party for mom and dads 80th. Then we go! Our neighbour came by because our Netflix movie showed up in her mailbox. She said the neighbour next to us must be in forclousure because there have been moving trucks and no for sale sign. He had one up a couple years ago, if that's the case I am really glad our house is under contract and moving forward nicely! The car is still waiting for the right person to buy. Our realtors friend, who has a place in the mountains that needs to be furnished, came by. She is considering buying a lot of stuff including the weight machine. She took pictures of everything she is interested in and left to discuss it with her husband. It's all coming together! We are getting really excited!