Saturday, October 31, 2009


The beaches of Kauai are, without any doubt, some of the most enchantingly beautiful on earth. Visiting Kauai, nicknamed the Garden Isle, is for many a spiritual experience – a place where you can become whole again, a place to find your soul. The warm ocean is a very special transparent, sparkling blue, the sand so white and soft in places that is squeaks under your feet. Combine that with the lush backdrop of waterfalls rolling off the mountains, the tropical plants, fish and animal species and you find yourself in paradise indeed. On Kauai where the feeling and pace of old Hawaii has been preserved, watching the sun set on a beach will be a memory treasured forever.

One sobering thought - the Pacific Ocean demands respect. Waves can be very dangerous as they often break directly on the shore and rip currents can be hazardous and form without any warning. Always heed the warning signs and ask the locals, when they tell you it’s not safe to swim or surf, respect that. This island has long been the favorite of not only tourists, but also movie moguls and honeymooners. Kauai beaches - stunning, beautiful, enchanting.

All text and photos are "borrowed" from the internet.

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It

Dan and I played hooky today and went to see the Michael Jackson movie This Is It (to see trailer click on header). Iconic, creative and inspiring. Unfortunately for me, I never appreciated him while he was alive. When I was a teenager I loved his Off The Wall album. But after that, he was so huge, his music (Thriller, Bad) so over played, that I didn't really give him a second thought. This movie had me so emotional, so inspired, that by the end I was holding back the ugly cry. Michael wanted to document the process for his archives so all the footage is behind the scenes. It starts off with thousands of people auditioning for dancers. The "winners" explain, to Michael, how he has inspired them and it is a dream come true to be able to perform with him. Some of these young folks are so overcome with emotion they can barely speak. The whole thing is his set list, them rehearsing, shooting video for the stage inserts. I believe he was no child molester but crazy with the plastic surgery for whatever reason. What comes through in the film is his passion and joy for what he does. He is kind, loving, gentle with creative instruction, generous in his gratitude. He wants to spread the message of love, loving each other. There is a fantastic piece, an anthem to nature, that is very affecting. To watch him create, sing and dance -he was still such a fluid dancer- was really inspiring. He understood that creating is an adventure and that sometimes there is failure. It didn't get him down, he learns from it, makes gentle corrections and quickly moves on. I left sad for this great loss and inspired. It make me think of our move to Kauai. I don't really know what is going to happen or what I am going to do to earn my way in this world, but after this film, some things have solidified. I want to be creative. I want to stretch myself. I want to be inspired. I want to be inspiring. I want to motivate people towards their best selves. I want to take risks and let life guide me to where I should be. I want to pay attention. I want to open up. I want to learn. I want to teach. I want to be healthy. I want to be close to nature. I want to feel joy always. I want to share. I want to be kind. I want to be patient. And of course, I want to be prosperous!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Congratulations! You and Dan are a pair of talented, creative souls. It's great to see a couple living their dreams. I wish you both the best.

I have such a mixed reaction to your email, I will be so sorry to see you leave Starz, you have been here so long, and have contributed so much to this company that it will be hard to let you go. On the other hand it sounds like you and Dan are ready to start your next adventure. I wish you nothing but the best, and hope that you will keep in touch. Let me know if you need anything during this transition.

let me know where you get gigs. I'm ready for a change too ;)

Wow, that sounds so cool. Good for you guys. I totally wanted to move to Hawaii.

Honestly, this opportunity couldn't happen to a nicer couple! You guys are going to have fun and think of what an amazing opportunity you have to create a great adventure for the next half of your lives! Yipee!

So happy for you guys you are obviously very busy...I will miss you but at the same time you are the most inspiring couple "people" I know...I admire your guts and sense of adventure!! I wish you the best but for people like you it will just come to you....:)

Wow, talk about a change of scenery. Going from the edit caves to sunny Hawaii :-) Congrats!!!

YAY!!! don't freak girl, it's the 1st chapter of your new life together!! there's nothing better than picking up and starting something new with the one you love!!

congratulations on the move. I am impressed that you and Dan are following your dreams, what a better world we would have if all of us were so brave.....

Sounds like you and Dan are in for a very very new life style and adventure. I’m happy for you (!) and surprised at the same time. Can you share what you will do there in the “Aloha State? If you want to keep that part personal no worries, but many people I’m sure admire and envy such a change. You are an inspiration. I wish you and Dan the very best the Hawaiian Islands have to offer! Thank you for your support over the years (CIA too) and best regards

So happy for you both! Couldn’t imagine a better spot than Kauai!

That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful living there.

I heard! WOW! That’s pretty neat!

Awe... don't go....

I am sooooo thrilled for both of you!!!!

That is by far thee coolest story! I am so excited for you guys!! I did that three times before settling here and stayed. What an exciting adventure!!!!!!!!

WOW! Good for you! You will both be missed but thank goodness somebody is living the dream!

CONGRATULATIONS!! We’ll miss you terribly but so excited for your new adventure. ;)

Congratulations on selling your house and putting in your resignations! You guys are following your dream and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I'm so proud and happy for you guys!

I’m so happy for you!..and very jealous of course. You’re going to motivate Randy and I to get off our asses and do something different…talk talk talk is all we do. You will actually be living in paradise and somewhere warm!

Early retirement, yay! But I am sooo jealous…

Sorry to hear that you guys are leaving! But I can’t blame you for starting a new life in paradise…Best of luck!

you go girl!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friends and Family

We got up early today because we heard an ad on TV for the Go car dealership. They are buying cars, at 120% of blue book! So we took it in and finally sold it. This economy blows, we didn't get much. I figure if we can make it in this economy, we can make it anytime! We got to my folks late, we had a chatty sales guy. He was nice though. Mom, good ol' mom, had the table decked out. She knows all of our favorites and the table is laden with them. Pica, Pica. In Spanish you pick this and that to eat. She had a beautifully ironed tablecloth laid out with wine glasses. A meat plate Serrano, Salami, ham, turkey, a pork tenderloin she roasted her self and lovingly sliced into perfect medallions. Olives from Spain (Dan's favorite), cheeses, white asparagus, Pan tomaquete (a baguette rubbed with ripe tomato, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt), avocado dip, chips. It was lovely and love embodied it. My mom loves with food (among many other ways). We had a great discussion about our moving, they aren't that thrilled about it. After pica, pica Dan went to help dad with his iTunes and mom and I kicked back and talked. After many I love yous, we left. We had to get to John Freeman's surprise birthday party. Him and his twin were about an hour late, and we hung out with Tamara and Vindrea until they came. Once the word was out, they were coming, the room hushed. We all waited for them to come in and yelled surprise! John was surprised, but took it well. Slightly turning red, he came around to everyone and said hello. Such a good guy (we call him by his super hero name Rely Guy). So kind, generous, helpful. I got to meet his family, spent some time with grandma, they are all very nice. Gail, Jonathan, Dan and I headed over to the brothers Leirer gig after getting a beer and a bite to eat. The pictures are from the show. I am going to bed tonight feeling love and gratitude for my friends and family, I will miss them more than I thought!

Bill Leirer on Vocals

Scott Waknin on bass

Chris Leirer on drums

Bill and Gail

Lovely Bill!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Ask Me For Advice!

We are free falling. It feels so good. In my minds eye I am throwing off a heavy coat as I jump off a cliff, arms spread wide, a huge grin on my face. Not knowing what is going to happen is turning out to be more fun than I thought. I believe with every fiber of my being that everything is going to be ok. In fact, it's going to be better than ok, I can't even imagine how good it's going to be, but good it's going to be! So, I'm kinda reckless when it comes to things that don't feel good. If it doesn't feel good I'm not going there. It reminds me of an old mantra I once had IIAFFI! If it ain't fun fuck it! Unfortunately, for a co worker who is not in the same state of bliss as I, I feel I have gotten careless. I'll call my producer Sheaneanea and her lover Zeus. We were in session and Sheaneanea was talking to me about a lover, a friend, a treasured companion who she loves very much. She maybe even feels like Zeus is too good for her and she will never find another. The problem is Zeus is afraid of getting hurt. As is Sheaneanea, but she is willing to plunge in and go for it. They have been dating for a year and Zeus has had this problem before. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I said call him on it! Say ok, I understand how you feel, I don't really want to get hurt again either, but I love you and I want to take the risk. If you don't want to move forward in unbridled love, I understand, I'll leave you alone. Done! Next! I'm thinking, life is short who has time for that? After spending a year proving yourself as a kind, loving, gentle, human being, who wants to hear that?! I think Sheaneanea wanted an ear, for me to listen. I know she didn't want to hear that! I understand, I've been there. Once, after complaining to a friend she said Marta, leap and the net will appear. I thought are you crazy? Things must be planned, I must know what is coming next, no way! But now, I totally get it, and it feels so good, so freeing, so exciting! I wonder if this is going to be a permanent way of life. Full on Hawaiian style. Go with the flow, see what life brings me. I know it will be good, I know there will be tough times. When the tough times come, I will look for the lessons, take the time to feel the sadness. Trust me, I haven't had a sheltered life. I've had my share of downs, frankly, I'm lucky to be alive. But I know everything is going to be ok, and when it's my time, well, time is up! Onto the next adventure. I choose to focus on the positive, on what feels good and spend very little time on what feels bad, I've spent a lot of time on that already! It reminds me of the movie Life Is Beautiful. It's hard for me to imagine a worse life. His family gets taken to a concentration camp, he's there with his son. But it's a feel good film because he makes the best of the situation. Because you are the only person who can make you feel bad, who can give your soul away, who can be suppressed by another or a circumstance. I know it's a movie, I know it's fake. There are real life archetypes like Elie Wiesel for example. So, don't ask me for advice, you're not gonna like how I react, I'll tell you to take the road less traveled, take the risk, it's worth it and so are you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Early Morning

4:44am. Everyone is dead asleep except me. Dan is all snuggled up in the down comforter, Baxter and Lucy, along my right side, take up half the bed. I sit up and Dan rolls over and looks at me, looks at the clock and rolls back over to sleep. I get out of bed, get my things and pad downstairs. It snowed a lot over night, looks like 4 inches or so. I will not miss the snow.

Brian added some color to the logos so I'll put them up again. I like #2 now.

This week started out kinda rough. The anxiety of selling the house and quitting our jobs really affected me physically, plus, I was beginning to wonder if we were crazy. I was still sick Tuesday morning but I didn't want to call in and have my co workers think I was slacking because I was a short timer. Rich thought I should go home anyway but as the day wore on I started feeling better. By the end of yesterday I was literally buzzing with excitement. The Kauai vibe is getting stronger and its a lot of fun riding it! As of last night I felt like it couldn't be any other way. People keep saying what we are doing takes a lot of courage, and, I agreed Tuesday but now it just feels right. Not extraordinary, not courageous, just right. Some people are right along with us, getting wrapped up in the excitement of it all and then it just increases.

The editors are jostling for our shifts. They make comments like "I told management I want off my shift". Some have been there a long time, over 10 years, working split shifts or weekends. The assistant editors and Seth our excellent tape op are hoping something happens for them. It's fun knowing that by our leaving, some people will get what they want. New blood will flow through those hardened arteries! Or not. Our director came to my edit bay yesterday. He told me it was bittersweet for him. He'll miss me and my "extensive knowledge" but moving to Kauai, wow! He said he'd counter offer if he thought he could compete with paradise. There was a pregnant pause and I said yea, you can't compete with paradise! It seems we are appreciated!

We are starting to sell some of our stuff. The tower computers are gone, Bryan wants to buy my Cerwin Vega speakers and our Dennon 7 disk CD changer. I found a lady on Craigslist who wants to buy our temperpedic pillows, Dan found someone who wants to buy ALL of our CD's, DVD's and books, there must be 4000 in all! Vendria, that cute little mother to be, is buying my office chair. Kelly, the new marketing producer, may buy our book shelves. My brother not only offered storage room but is going to come by and see if him and his wife want to buy anything. Porter is interested in our big screen. The car still hasn't sold yet. Dan has been talking about web design, he knows someone who does it and is turning away work. He told Dan if he can get up to speed, he'll give him some work. It's all coming together like Dyanne said!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hawaiian Dreamin

Feeling much better this morning, I think I'm about half way there. At 5:30, my eyes popped open and I started thinking about packing up the china cabinet and the platters and stuff above the fireplace. I tried to stay in bed, it was warm. A California king with a fluffy, down comforter. I'm gonna miss that bed! Lucy was snoring away right next to me and Baxter was on the floor. Then I started thinking about how to sell all of this stuff. Flyers? An ad on Face Book? I don't want to put in ad in the paper cuz the only person I know who reads them is my dad. I could put a flyer on the mailboxes. When is a good time to sell the bed? I want to sleep on it as long as I can but I also want to sell it. I noticed my breathing was heavier, thinking about packing all that stuff and wondering if we were going to have space for it in our new place, so I got up and took a shower. The hot water felt soothing running down my weak body, almost invigorating. I think I blew my wad though because now I feel tired and weak again, pressure enveloping my head and my throat feels swollen. I guess I'll spend another day on the couch napping and watching my shows. I got a pie pumpkin from the CSA this week so I'm going to make a pumpkin pie with it. Tofu and veggies for breakfast, a brie panini with apple salsa for lunch and roasted acorn squash with a corn custard baked into the middle for dinner. That's all I have planned for today.

I was feeling so yucky Friday and yesterday that I couldn't really appreciate all of the support we got. Most everyone at work was of course surprised (they probably thought we were gong to die there!) but once that wore off, they were really happy for us. Dan and I posted on Face Book and we got loads of supportive comments. Several friends called (even ol' Smally) to get the details and offer support. Dara, your words really meant a lot. I felt fortified after our conversation and glad to have you as a friend. You really get the reason and motive behind all of this.

We are in the garage, having a morning smoke, watching the sunrise and on our laptops. Dan is checking out what is going on this morning in Kauai and saw this picture.

Those are some huge mushrooms! Things sure do grow down there! I'm hoping we find a place where I can plant some things. Our realtor set us up with a realtor in Kauai (she checked them out real good) and they are going to find us a rental when we get closer to moving out there.

He also found this.

That just makes me happy! Brian designed some logos for me and I'm having a hard time picking one. Maybe the handful of you guys who read this can help me, I like them all! Post a comment as to your favorite. I'm thinking I want some color in it regardless, but maybe he'll get to that once I pick one. Thank you Brian! They are all fantastic!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The End of an Era

When I got up this morning there was a song by the Smashing Pumpkins going through my mind "Today is the greatest day I've ever known'. I was giddy, thinking today is the day I get to quit my job. Dan and I anxiously waited for my boss to come in (his was already here) but he was sick. So, I told my other boss. We basically whipped out our resignation letter and waited for them to read it. At first they were stunned. They asked us what we were going to do and we said move to Kauai. Do you have a job? A place to stay? Dan says no, were going to look for open doors. They were really happy for us, gave us hugs and everything! Right now, I am exhausted. The energy expended today on talking about it leaves me longing for a nap. Dyanne suggested celebrating at lunch and some warm sake later, I have laid off my spots and finished for the day. It's only 3:00 and I am pooped! In a great way though!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's closing time!

We are standing in front of the title company, smoking the last 10 minutes away. Curiously, we are not as anxious as we were Tuesday. Dan is checking the weather in Kauai on his iPhone (upper 80's all week) and setting favorites across Kauai. Hanalei, Kapaa, Poipu, Koloa, Hanapepe, and Waimea. Looks like it's warmer on the north shore this week. Time to do this thing...

Dan signing papers, the title lady, our realtor Karen and the buyer's realtor David.

The whole process took 35 minutes. Turns out David used to live on the Big Island, so about a third of the time he was giving us helpful tips.

How do we feel? Dan: mixed, relived that the process is over, scared "Holy cow! This is happening" but happy because this is happening! Me? Even though my palms are sweaty and my stomach is churning, I'm kinda flatlining. I am very surly supressing. I am really looking forward to going and it was great that David talked about it so extensively (did you know if you work over 20 hours a week for a company in Hawaii, you get health insurance?) it reminded me of why we are going. But it's still a ways off. As of now, we are renters. Signed the lease for $1.00 and we will leave her one of the lazy boys, the grill, extention ladder, dining set and a lamp. We get to stay until January 10th, 2010.

Tomorrow morning we turn in our resignations!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Seth Godin's Blog

Thanks again to John, this was in my inbox this morning, just what I needed!

Apparent risk and actual risk
There are people who I will never encounter in a restaurant.

That's because when these people go out for dinner, they go to chain restaurants. These are the tourists in New York who seek out the familiar Olive Garden instead of walking down the street to Pure.

That's fine. It's a personal choice.

But it got me thinking about the difference between apparent and actual risk, and how that choice affects just about everything we do.

The concierge at a fancy hotel spends her time helping tourists and business travelers avoid apparent risk. She'll book the boring, defensible, consistent tour, not the crazy guy who's actually a trained architect and a dissident. She'll recommend the restaurant from Zagats, not from Chowhound.

Apparent risk is what keeps someone working at a big company, even if it's doing layoffs. It feels safer to stay there than to do the (apparently) insanely risky thing and start a new venture.

Apparent risk is what gets someone who is afraid of plane crashes to drive, even though driving is more dangerous.

Apparent risk is avoiding the chance that people will laugh at you and instead backing yourself into the very real possibility that you're going to become obsolete or irrelevant.

When things get interesting is when the apparently risky is demonstrably [less safe] than the actually risky. That's when we sometimes become uncomfortable enough with our reliance on the apparent to focus on the actual. Think about that the next time they make you take off your shoes at the airport.

Nerves, Nerves, Nerves!

I get up at 5am to do my yoga and I notice my mind is all over the place. Throughout my practice I am reminding myself to come back to the present. I don't even remember what I was thinking about, a lot of random thoughts. Usually, by the time I am done with my practice, I am calm and centered. Not today. I got upstairs and my mind turns on me. I have been backsliding on smoking am I'm really starting to feel it in my lungs so I decide today I won't smoke, I'll wear a patch instead. I am fully aware that this is a big week. Thursday, we will no longer own our home. Friday, we will be giving up our safe jobs that we've had for over a decade. My resolute determination is wavering, falling to the background. I barely remember why we are doing this as I think about how this will make or break us. Will we remain together? Is he going to tell me he's gay and leave me? I have no doubt that Dan is not gay, but my mind plays back all the Oprah shows where women are talking about their husbands leaving them for another man. I get out of the shower and put the patch on and feel better. Those thoughts leave me while Dan and I quietly get ready for work. I go downstairs to start breakfast, my stomach churning, and Dan joins me moments later. Still, we are lost in our thoughts, saying nothing, going about our work morning routine. Finally, I say I'm freaking out and he says he is too. He says we will no longer own a home or have reliable jobs, jobs we've had for a long time. I ask if we are going to make it? Will you tell me you are gay or something? He laughs, says he has no doubt we'll make it. I ask him for a hug and to tell me that everything is going to be alright. He gladly and lovingly obliges. He says I'm crazy if I think I can quit today or this week for that matter. I take off my patch and we go out for a smoke.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our CSA Grant Family Farms celebrated the harvest season with Harvestival. A weekend filled with speakers on organic farming, music, local food, clothes and art. Wednesday, when we unpacked our weekly goodie box we found a bottle of Harvestival beer and tickets. We wanted to go when we found out about it to check out the farm and see David Grisman play. Dan is a big Grisman fan, he had played with Jerry Garcia and Dan saw the two of them together 3 times. But the tickets were $28.00 each, it's past Ft. Collins in Wellington and we have our sights on Kauai. Now armed with tickets we decided to go. Grisman wasn't going on until 6pm so we got up there around 5. The farm was covered in 5 inches of snow. There was parking in a field and Dan thoroughly enjoyed sliding the jeep around in the snow and mud. Buttoning up our jackets, we trekked through the ice, snow and mud to to redeem our tickets, where we found out that we had received a ticket for Saturday and one for Sunday. After buying a ticket we went to exchange our token for a free pumpkin. The pumpkin field was covered in snow and loaded with pumpkins. After digging around for a few minutes, Dan uncovered a beauty! Big, orange and round except for one side, which turned to the back you'd never notice.

Toting that back to the car, we found Dan a Harvestival hoody because he needed a hood to keep the wind from freezing his ears off.

We got ourselves some Harvestival beer and some local pulled pork sammies and went into the art barn. It was warmish and sheltered and we looked at some fantastic art as we wolfed down our food.

We trundled down to the stage.

The band included a stand up bass, Grisman on mandolin, a young guitar player from Colorado, a flute player and a drummer who also had congas. The adults did the redneck boogie while the kids played in the snow and on the haystacks. Grisman and his band played for 90 minutes freezing their fingers off before we headed back home.

Friday, October 9, 2009


It feels better than I thought it would to write my letter of resignation!

Just watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", funny movie and it takes place in Hawaii!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Letter from the Buyer

From: diane hammer
Date: October 7, 2009 6:00:34 PM MDT
To: Daniel Lane
Subject: Re: Greetings from Colorado

hi dan! thank you so much for the detailed email. yes, i just love your house!! everything about it!! thank you SO MUCH for selling it to me. it will be a perfect retirement home. the loan process, etc., is going very well. i'm just waiting for a settlement cost so i can wire to title company, as well as package to sign. i looked at a total of 44 houses! most in castle rock area. yours was the first one i looked at in parker. i immediately liked it as well as the town. i looked at 4 or so more houses in parker, but knew that yours was the one i wanted. my furniture will look perfect, as i have collections from almost all over the world. the loft will be turned into the Africa room!! i will eventually finish half of the basement into a room that could be used as bedroom or game room with contemporary shelves, recessed lighting, and whatever, and wall off the other half for storage.
i wanted to live in CO after i made my first visit to aspen/vail in 1973. my brother lives 40 miles away in lakewood. he is the CEO of the colorado railroad museum in Golden. have you been there? his house is on a dead end to a hiking trail on green mountain. needless to say, he has a gorgeous view of denver. by the way, where does the bike trail in the back go? castle rock? do you mow the strip out the gate, or does the county/community? do you use the community pool or clubhouse? are there many community-sponsored activities?
here's a bit of background on me: i just retired from the AF after serving my country 32.4 years. my last assignment was special duty at the US embassy (as operations coordinator) in abuja, Nigeria for 2 years. it was definitely an eye-opening experience working with the local nationals and state department! our office (defense attache office) was understaffed and was joint service. anyways, i think i could have really enjoyed the position, had the working conditions been different, or at a different location. there was never really anywhere to get away for the weekend as we had numerous travel restrictions, etc. with that, though, i did manage to take vacations and travel to zambia (victoria falls), and go on an african safari to the northern serengeti of tanzania, a trip to zanzibar (a wonderful island off the tanzania coastline), and a 50 mile backpacking trip to the highest, most remote point in nigeria. good think we had porters to carry
our stuff, or i would have never made it...! also a couple of conference to garmish, germany and madrid, spain were a good chance to get away.
i had my retirement ceremony at hanscom AFB (about 16 miles from boston) which was my last duty assignment prior to going overseas, on 7 May 2009, then flew down to bradenton, florida, where i currently am living with my dad. my mom died on 9 august of lymphoma. i was actually househunting in CO when she died, so my brother and i immediately flew back. so, i've been helping my dad with various matters, as well as spending time with him. he has early alheizmers disease, unfortunately, and i have noted a decline since returning home. so, i'm not sure how long he will be able to manage on his own. he's 84.
i plan on staying here through the winter, so, yes, to answer your question, you can stay there through jan 9/10. in fact, you can stay there as long as you want to or need to! you are also really doing me a favor by being in the house and looking after it. i really appreciate that. the lease that my realtor has is ok with me. yes, any kind of sign or diagram of herb garden would be great! i enjoy gardening, myself, and plan on having flowers, vegetables, etc. (your tomatoes look wonderful!) i'm sure it will never look like what you guys have done, though! i love the patio cover! by the way, what do your utilities run on the average in summer/winter? did you use your fireplace with blower very much? the grill is great--especially hooked up to gas. do you start it like any other gas grill with a tank? i appreciated you giving me a couple of those items from my wish list. the prices you gave me on the other items is fine. thank you very much.
i'll send you a check, if that's ok. i really like the kitchen set. it looks so nice with decor. i have a square-round glass topped table with 4 cushion-type chairs that i will put in the dining area, as well as a @ 7' X 7' handcarved teakwood stereo cabinet that will fit perfect in the living room.
if there is any cleaning solutions or the like that you don't want to dispose of, please let me know. do you happen to have any leftover paint? what kind of paint is it?
i understand you will be moving to hawaii. what island? i have been to oahu 3 or 4 times, i think. do you have a place over there? good luck with your move! if there's any helpful tidbits of info you think i might like, please feel free to let me know.
looking forward to more communication. and thanks again.


Once again Freeman hooked me up, he sent me a link called 10 Bestsellers: Using New Media, New Marketing, and New Thinking to Create 10 Bestselling Books. As part of his marketing plan, I got a free book called IdeaVirus by Seth Godin. It is a really innovative way of marketing that will help Dan and I make our way in Kauai. Give it a watch, it's long but inspiring. It gets your mind opened up and thinking! Another site I found inspiring is The Next US Stories. They are travelling around America, video taping innovative folks who are finding new ways to make a living in this market. Here is a quote from the web site "The Next US is a journey into the heart of America to find those who are thriving while supporting high standards of community, sustainability, ecology, and cultural evolution."

I love you Jon! Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate all the nuggets you find - while persuing your own dream - and share with me! They keep the dream alive, the fire going, the ideas coming.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doctor's Orders

I went to get a physical on Monday and got some bad news from my doc. She says I have gained 20 pounds in the last 2 years, yikes!! Because of my weight (she thinks since my diet is so good) I am pre diabetic. Normal goes up to 99 and I am at 110, 126 is considered diabetic. Last year I was at 100. Also my cholesterol is not in a good range, again she thinks it's because of my weight. She wants me to lose 8 pounds by cutting out and or burning 250 calories a day and include 30 minutes of exercise a day. So, my goal is to do Bob's (from the Biggest Loser) yoga for weight loss on the weekends and walk the dogs at least once. On the weekdays I'll walk 2 sets of 5 flights of stairs 4 times a day (two sets take 10 minutes) and do yin yoga in the mornings. Dan and would have a bottle of wine with dinner 3 nights a week and we are cutting that down to 1. Hopefully, that will do it. Although I am pretty sure once we move to Kauai it'll be easier for the weight to come off. I'd like to join one of those 6 man canoe clubs, snorkel and hike. Plus, it's warmer there and when I'm hot I don't want to eat as much. Right now, my legs feel like jello, all up the backside, I have done the stairs 3 times today. I think I'll give it a rest for the remainder of the day so I can walk tomorrow!

The final paper work on the house is wrapping up. We appraised at $250.000.00 and the price we agreed to in the contract was 250,500.00. Initially, we had agreed at 250 but the buyer wanted a $500.00 home warranty (to cover the appliances) so her realtor suggested we add it to the total price. Now that it has appraised at 250 they want us to give them $500.00! So, Dan decided to give them the grill and extension ladder. Irritating since we bought the house for 242 and have done loads of improvements, most recently the carpet, but what can we do? We want the house to sell and since our neighbor may be going into foreclosure, we don't want to take any chances.

On a sad note. Dan's dad had to go into the hospital last week. He is in pretty sad shape. They got him well enough and sent him to a rehab center, he needs to build his muscles up. While at the center, his kidneys failed so he went back to the hospital. It appears there is some dementia developing as well. They think they will be sending him back to the rehab center tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009


With all the stress of moving and everything that goes with it, plus the cold, depressing weather moving in, my Kauaiian aloha spirit was waning. I was searching ITunes for Hawaii and came across a couple who does podcasts from Kauai. Or did, the last one was in 07. They hang out in Hanalei Bay, play guitar and ukulele and video tape the sunsets and happenings. The one I watched had a baby whale playing in the water while her soft, lilting, easy voice described what was going on - including closing the beach early yesterday because of a shark - with him playing Hawaiian music. I am so glad I found that and watched it. My passion has been re stoked! I also found a podcast on leaning to speak Hawaiian so we'll be listening to that on the way to work. There were quite a few podcasts, one that discusses the happenings in Hawaii, a surfing one, more language ones. I just love ITunes!

Hanalei Sunsets

It's cloudy, cold and windy outside. I'm on the couch in my comfy sweats, Baxter is quietly sleeping beside me and Lucy is softly snoring on the other side of him. The dryer is tumbling our clothes leaving behind a warmth and smell that is calming. I have some mellow music on XM and am going back to reading. Dyanne gave me a book the other day called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. When we told her we were moving to Kauai, that book popped in her head and she said we had to read it. So far so good! Oh, laundry is done...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye Beloved Trail

Leaving Colorado is in our sights and I am reminded of the things that I will probably never do again. This morning I walked the dogs. I have walked this 4 mile loop of the Cherry Creek bike path hundreds of times in the last 8 years. The dogs know it well. This is the last walk I will be able to enjoy the colors of fall. There is yet time for sunrises and big sky.

My IPhone can't quite capture the way the golden light plays off the trees or Baxter's brown velvet coat. I am reminded of a time I walked the dogs in the fall. It was a classic beautiful Colorado fall day. Baby blue sky, a coolness to the air; crisp yet warmed but the sun. Passing by a clump of golden cottonwoods a breeze came and blew the leaves off the trees. Their golden faces reflecting the sunlight and making everything sparkle. I was struck by the beauty and had to stop and watch. I found myself raising my arms to the sky, tilting my face up as well; feeling the warmth of the sun and twirling with my eyes closed! It was fantastic!

I go out the gate that Dan put into the back split rail fence.

Walk down the well worn path that Dan keeps mowed for me.

Pass the iron bridge that goes over Cherry Creek.

I have met many people on this path.

The nice lady whose walking stick has indian totems running its length. The older lady who stopped me on the trail, sung me a poem about Jesus she wrote and gave me the paper she had written it on. The overweight grumpy couple who rode their bikes and got tweaked because the dogs were off leash. The older guy who reminds me of Steve Small walking his 2 dogs that bully mine. Tom and his golden Chloe, we always stop and chat for 10 or 15 minutes while Baxter runs around barking at me to move on. The old guy, who had diabetes and rode on his roller blades every day to keep it at bay. This is ranch country and we walk on a working ranch. One spring day while Dan was walking the dogs, a mother cow walked up behind him and shoved him in the back with her nose, protecting her calf I guess. The "doinking" deer, who, alone at sunrise would bounce around radiating joy because he was alive. The rattlesnakes. One morning, we were walking the dogs and the sun was coming up, lighting up everything. We looked across and there were hundreds of spider webs forming a lacy patchwork throughout the cattails. This morning as I was rounding my favorite bend, lined with trees and wild flowers I saw 2 deer loping out of the brush and a coyote lumbering after them. All the dogs, animals and people enrich our walks.

Baxter and Lucy love getting into the creek. They drink greedily on hot days (their shots are current) Lucy slowly walking and drinking letting the current guide her. Baxter running as fast as he can up and down the creek bed, splashing and generally having a great time. One time, the creek was really full from a lot of rain. Lucy was hot and thirsty and went down in a place that was unusual for her. She got caught up in the current and started to float down stream. I thought I was going to have to go in but I walked along beside her until she came upon a bank and got out. We get home, I rinse them off and give them a towel dry which for some reason, they both love!

Lucy loves the towel dry, she hates getting her picture taken!

So many times I have walked this trail. In joy, sorrow, love, anger, through tears, running it to burn some calories, listening to the birdsong, the rustle of the leaves, the hum of insects. Rain and hail pouring down (Dan came and rescued me with an umbrella), impossible wind, sun relentlessly pounding down. Snowshoeing when we got dumped on, Lucy walking in my tracks, Baxter sinking to his chest trying to make his own. I have felt deep gratitude for this trail and will always be grateful for its presence and the gifts it has brought me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

He's in Foreclosure

It's a full moon tonight. Dan and I had a nice day. We went to see The Invention of Lying, pretty good movie, original concept. Then we had lunch at India Kitchen, a new Indian resturant in Parker where the old Italian Villa used to be. We had the lunch buffet and it was really good, especially the naan! We definately want to go back for dinner. We are waiting for Monday. Monday is the deadline when the inspection, appraisal and all the paper work have to be done in order to close on the 15th. Word is, so far so good. Then we have to figure out how to get a lease/contract for the remainder of our time here. They won't let us talk to the buyer so it's gonna be trickey. We picked the day for our going away party, Saturday December 12th. It's early but basically our only option. Work's Christmas party is the 4th, we are going to have our big sale the 19th, then Christmas and New Years and on January 9th we'll have a birthday party for mom and dads 80th. Then we go! Our neighbour came by because our Netflix movie showed up in her mailbox. She said the neighbour next to us must be in forclousure because there have been moving trucks and no for sale sign. He had one up a couple years ago, if that's the case I am really glad our house is under contract and moving forward nicely! The car is still waiting for the right person to buy. Our realtors friend, who has a place in the mountains that needs to be furnished, came by. She is considering buying a lot of stuff including the weight machine. She took pictures of everything she is interested in and left to discuss it with her husband. It's all coming together! We are getting really excited!