Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hawaiian Dreamin

Feeling much better this morning, I think I'm about half way there. At 5:30, my eyes popped open and I started thinking about packing up the china cabinet and the platters and stuff above the fireplace. I tried to stay in bed, it was warm. A California king with a fluffy, down comforter. I'm gonna miss that bed! Lucy was snoring away right next to me and Baxter was on the floor. Then I started thinking about how to sell all of this stuff. Flyers? An ad on Face Book? I don't want to put in ad in the paper cuz the only person I know who reads them is my dad. I could put a flyer on the mailboxes. When is a good time to sell the bed? I want to sleep on it as long as I can but I also want to sell it. I noticed my breathing was heavier, thinking about packing all that stuff and wondering if we were going to have space for it in our new place, so I got up and took a shower. The hot water felt soothing running down my weak body, almost invigorating. I think I blew my wad though because now I feel tired and weak again, pressure enveloping my head and my throat feels swollen. I guess I'll spend another day on the couch napping and watching my shows. I got a pie pumpkin from the CSA this week so I'm going to make a pumpkin pie with it. Tofu and veggies for breakfast, a brie panini with apple salsa for lunch and roasted acorn squash with a corn custard baked into the middle for dinner. That's all I have planned for today.

I was feeling so yucky Friday and yesterday that I couldn't really appreciate all of the support we got. Most everyone at work was of course surprised (they probably thought we were gong to die there!) but once that wore off, they were really happy for us. Dan and I posted on Face Book and we got loads of supportive comments. Several friends called (even ol' Smally) to get the details and offer support. Dara, your words really meant a lot. I felt fortified after our conversation and glad to have you as a friend. You really get the reason and motive behind all of this.

We are in the garage, having a morning smoke, watching the sunrise and on our laptops. Dan is checking out what is going on this morning in Kauai and saw this picture.

Those are some huge mushrooms! Things sure do grow down there! I'm hoping we find a place where I can plant some things. Our realtor set us up with a realtor in Kauai (she checked them out real good) and they are going to find us a rental when we get closer to moving out there.

He also found this.

That just makes me happy! Brian designed some logos for me and I'm having a hard time picking one. Maybe the handful of you guys who read this can help me, I like them all! Post a comment as to your favorite. I'm thinking I want some color in it regardless, but maybe he'll get to that once I pick one. Thank you Brian! They are all fantastic!