Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old Friends

Our friends from Colorado have been here all week. We have known them for 15 years, and it has been great having them here. I missed the easy companionship we had, mostly with John since we worked with him. 
About 8 years ago, we all decided on super hero corporate names. I was Anti-Corp, I guess that should have been a sign! I can’t remember what Dan’s was, but John’s was Rely Guy. You could always count on John’s positive attitude, even in the face of great adversity. No matter what was going on on his personal life, and there was some heavy stuff, he always had a smile on his face, always had time to help you out.
When they got here, they were tired and cranky. But, the island worked its magic, like it always does, and they are having fun spending time together, celebrating 10 years of marriage on this beautiful island. For those of you thinking “Uh, oh! There goes another one!” They aren’t planning on moving. In fact, John’s wife Athena is adamantly against it. 
We have spent three days with them, and today is their last day. Since Dan has to work, we are going to a cheap, local style luau that a friend of mine is involved in. Then we’ll pick up Dan, have some drinks and a goodbye dinner before their 8pm flight.
Last saturday, their first day, we took them to Hanalei Bay for some snorkeling, then went to Lumahai where Athena and I sat in the sun and talked while the guys went picture crazy. Dan has been really enjoying his time with John, a fellow photographer. They are old friends, getting creative and inspiring each other. It's fun to watch! Click here to see the shots Dan got.

Here’s some pictures of our time together.
John found a great vacation rental in Anahola for 90 bucks a night.

The is the bathroom. The windows are screened in and the it feels like you are showering in the lush, tropical outdoors (which you can't see because my iPhone blew out the outside part).

Sunday we took them to the south shore. This is John waiting for Spouting Horn to do it's thing.

Athena loves trees. Once we learned that, we had to take her to one of our favorites (the other is at the Hindu Monastery, Dan guesses it's at least 50 times the size of this one) Athena loved it, of course Dan and John saw it as a photo op and while they took pictures Athena relaxed in the strength and power of this tree.

She just sat under it, an obvious calm had taken her over. She loved that tree!

Dan took us to Shipwreck Beach after that. None of us had been, but this is on the south side tour he does. Dan wants a telephoto lens, right now he has a 105mm, he wants a 300mm. John had a 200mm with 2x teleconverter, so it was equivalent to a 400mm. Dan had to check it out! John has been a photographer for five years now (I think) so he has lots of toys!

Here Dan gives it a test drive. Dan, Athena and I hiked down to some sea caves and had a funny adventure. Click here to see Dan's shots and read the story.

Dan was still getting his snap on while John and Athena enjoyed the view. 

Wednesday night at 9pm, Athena called and wanted to know if we wanted to do a little night shooting at Hanalei Peir. John's favorite thing to do, is shoot at night. You'd think you wouldn't capture anything, being pitch black and all, be we got home at 1am with some cool shots. To see what Dan got, click here.

Dan had Wednesday off, so he took us to places on his north shore tour. This is on the way to Queen's Bath. Dan has been shooting this waterfall for weeks, unable to get a shot he liked. Finally, he decided he needed to get into the water. John quickly followed. To see the shot he got, click here.

Then John decided the waterfall needed a shot of light from the left, so the two of them set out to get the perfect timing (about a 15 second exposure) and lighting. Dan hit the button while John held the flash. Here are links to John's shots and blog. I see he blogged about us =)

Dan's ready to hike down to Queen's Bath. I had fun being John and Dan's assistant, but Athena preferred her book. She's sitting behind Dan.

Queen's bath on a nice day. Somedays the waves are so big, they crash in and carry you away. On our way in, there was a sign with hash marks representing 28 deaths. John and Athena went for a swim. Dan and I, not having brought our swimsuits, explored.

We found a great secluded tide pool and spent about an hour getting shots. It's an amazing little sweet spot!

It has a little waterfall, and big waves crashing over the lava rocks. That's Bali Hai in the background.

Another angle of the tide pool. I'm impressed with my iPhone 4's camera! Every shot on this blog is from it.

Dan risked getting wet to get some shots.

John and Athena are standing on that outcropping. John saw me and we waved and he and Athena headed over.

Dan was still snapping away.

There was a inlet that Athena wanted to swim in. But the waves were coming in, the rocks were slick, and she was afraid she couldn't get out. John got in the water and showed her that there was nothing to be afraid of, and showed her how to get out. I was a beautiful moment of intimacy between and husband and wife, and I was happy to have witnessed it.

Athena got in with her husband and had fun swimming, she was like a little girl. It was awesome!

We had a good mile to hike out, and John's flip flop blew out. He decided to walk back with one shoe on. being Rely Guy, he didn't complain, but definitely wanted to get it over with. His 65 pound pack didn't help.

We stopped to get John new flip flops and he got this hat, at dinner I got a shot of him. He already looks like a local!

We hiked down to Secrets Beach to catch the setting sun. Dan got a fantastic shot, click here to see it. We had to hike out in the dark, a steep uphill half mile, but it was worth it!

At one point, the waves crashed up so far, Dan thought he was going to lose his camera. He quickly rescued it!

The boys packing up their toys.

I'm going to miss our friends, but I treasure the time we had together. Maybe now they understand why we gave it all up for a new life here. Well, time to get ready for the luau!

Aloha nui loa!