Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The dreary days of winter have already set in. Just like that, it seems fall never came. The leaves on the trees, still green, haven't given us their beautiful color show. Instead, it's snowing and cold. The bleak day doesn't comfort us in the face of our inspection at 2pm today. Dan and I are nervous. We already feel like we are taking a loss selling our home at 250. That is what Karen feels it will appraise at. We decided that it's either 250 or wait another 7 years or so for things to not only bounce back but actually get better. Currently, they take foreclosures and short sales into consideration when appraising a home. For us, that means things are selling for $130.00 a square foot. The appraiser doesn't take into consideration the 8 grand in Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, a 10 thousand dollar fixed awning, the $3400 we just put into carpet, backing to open space. The scary thing is, we could appraise low, lower than what the house is really worth. If the inspector finds something "major", that'll be enough, we'll pull the plug. Wait until the economy picks back up. I mean, there is only so much we are willing to take a hit on! We are selling a great product and nothing is wrong with it. Someone is getting a great deal and it is not us! We are worried they'll say something like the foundation is trashed, it's going to cost 14 thousand dollars to fix it. Of course it isn't, but you know, we're just being paranoid. We'll see, I'm sure it'll be fine.

The pre qualification for the buyers loan expires in mid October so it sounds like a sweet deal may be in our future! Yesterday, we decided we'd stay until mid January. Get through the holidays and dad and mom's 80th birthdays. We thought we'd stay at their house from November until we left, saving a years worth of rent. The good news? The buyer wants to close in mid October, let us stay the rest of October for free, and charge us $300.00 a month until January, when she is ready to come out! How sweet is that?!

So far today, I have not used the patch and not had a smoke. Dan is full on smoking. It makes it really tricky. Today, I feel tired, kinda spacey. Maybe, well...probably, I'll have one tonight when we get home with a drink. Tonight is CSA night, so we have to pick up our goodies, I'm so tired I almost want to eat fast food!