Monday, October 5, 2009


With all the stress of moving and everything that goes with it, plus the cold, depressing weather moving in, my Kauaiian aloha spirit was waning. I was searching ITunes for Hawaii and came across a couple who does podcasts from Kauai. Or did, the last one was in 07. They hang out in Hanalei Bay, play guitar and ukulele and video tape the sunsets and happenings. The one I watched had a baby whale playing in the water while her soft, lilting, easy voice described what was going on - including closing the beach early yesterday because of a shark - with him playing Hawaiian music. I am so glad I found that and watched it. My passion has been re stoked! I also found a podcast on leaning to speak Hawaiian so we'll be listening to that on the way to work. There were quite a few podcasts, one that discusses the happenings in Hawaii, a surfing one, more language ones. I just love ITunes!

Hanalei Sunsets

It's cloudy, cold and windy outside. I'm on the couch in my comfy sweats, Baxter is quietly sleeping beside me and Lucy is softly snoring on the other side of him. The dryer is tumbling our clothes leaving behind a warmth and smell that is calming. I have some mellow music on XM and am going back to reading. Dyanne gave me a book the other day called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. When we told her we were moving to Kauai, that book popped in her head and she said we had to read it. So far so good! Oh, laundry is done...