Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 1 is over

I think we will both sleep well tonight! After breakfast, really yummy eggs bennedict with potatoes at Stella Blues - owned by dead heads - we just drove. We found where we are to meet for snorkeling tomorrow, at the Pacific Whale Foundation and became members. Talked to a nice lady who moved here 10 years ago, we'll be voulenteering there once we move here! Then we headed up towards Wailuku where the doctor's office is. We checked out some dream houses, found a .29 acre plot for $400,000. Ha! Drove down the Iao (sounds like e o) Valley and met the doctor at noon. He had Dan put on a pair of his prototype shoes and took us for a hike in the lush Iao Valley. His idea is fantastic but definately will take a lot of R and D before he's ready to hire us. On the way back, we snacked at Buzz's Wharf on some coconut, panko calamari and shrimp washing it down with an island drink called plumera red. Headed back to the hotel and rested for an hour or so. Dan trying to nap, me looking at all the Maui magazines I've picked up. After snacking on some Maui chips - my favorite - we drove west towards Lahaina to catch the sunset and sat on a pier and watched the sun go down, then headed to Maalaea to The Waterfront for dinner. Because of the movie Bottle Shock, we got a California red, Dan had MahiMahi and I Mahnchong, caught today, sitting out on the lanai overlooking the ocean. Dan got me a tuber rose lei, that smelled lovely all through dinner and even now as I write this post. Now it's time to read a little before lights out. I'm reading Sacajawea and Dan is reading The Power of One. We have to be at the pier at 6:15 tomorrow morning for our snorkle trip.

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I like coconuts

Cruzin around Maui, top down on the jeep, Widespread Panic on the iPod singing about coconuts, sun shining all round, ocean breezes, lush vegetation on the rolling is good!

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Day 1, morning

Sunrise at our hotel.

Room with a view.

Afetr a long flight we arrived at 6pm Hawaii time, 10pm, Denver time. We got our rental jeep and unpacked at the hotel. Tired from the last 2 weeks and the long flight, combined with the city feel here, left me complaining. We had a mediocre dinner at L & L Hawaiian BBQ, got our feet wet and went to bed at midnight Denver time. We woke at 4:20, the lights from outside made it feel like sunrise. After a smoke at the picnic table, Dan went to see about changing our room while I took a shower. He came back elated, ocean view for $40 extra, we'll take it!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a Day!

Thanks to Freeman for turning me onto this app, where I can blog from my phone! I didn't think I was going to use it's really conveinent!

Wow! We are outside comin off a busy day. All of these clothes plus some got pulled out of dressers and closets this morning. My buddy Deb came over (thank God for her) and helped me count (for taxes), pack and deliver. We took everything downtown where she voulenteers to a place called Safari Seconds. The help new comers to this country from Africa by educating them and providing via a thrift shop, food, clothes, furniture and such. We had a tastey lunch at a burger place called The Counter and ran loads of errands. Meanwhile, Dan cleared out the garage, sold some tools to our friend Bryan, and did lawn work. In the middle of all this, he had to leave because some folks who saw the house yesterday came by to see it again today. Now, he's going to set up my computer so we can back up the iPhones and take a shower while I deal with laundry, clean out the dishwasher and make dinner. I got some tomatoes from the CSA so I'm going to make a sauce for pasta. Then it's red wine, the lazy girl and a couple of episodes of Weeds. Oh, I guess we need to pack still!

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Enjoying the morning!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm jumpin out my skin!

We have had 4 showings in 3 days and tomorrow is a second showing! Karen says we could have a contract before we get on the plane Sunday! The doctor is excited to meet with us on Monday. Wants us to meet him at his office after he performs 2 surgeries. Get a tour, have lunch, go for a nice walk, outfit us for some shoes. The car, on eBay has 1 bid. We could come back with a contract on the house, the car sold, and a job! As my friend Dyanne says it'll all come together, it's all coming together! Yeay!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Sale!

Yesterday the house went on the market! If you click on the for sale heading you can see the virtual tour, it really looks good. Our realtor Karen's company does tours every Wednesday. So, yesterday 13 Realtors came over to check out the house. We got really great feedback, one person thought it was priced too high. We have it listed at 265 and he suggested 250. Karen says since we have the hard wood floors, patio cover and back to open space, it's priced fairly. We even had some folks come over in the afternoon and take a look. Wish us luck!

My next post will be from Maui! Friday I'm going out with the girls Marisol and Dyanne for happy hour. Saturday we are de cluttering the closets and garage and Dan has to patch up the driveway. I'm going to take some clothes to a place where my friend Deb volunteers called Safari Seconds and drop off some single use food containers to Meals on Wheels (left over personal chef artifacts). Sunday, we are off on our research trip. We will meet with the doctor, check out some rentals, meet with a realtor, open a bank account and snorkel. My buddy John Freeman turned me on to an app called blog press so I can blog from my phone while we are there! Deb will be staying at the house watching the kids and hopefully dealing with potiential buyers. Aloha!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


After reading my blog, my friend John showed me this video. It's perfect! Click on the header "transform".

Ode to Pixel

Dear Pixel,
I hope you like your new home. I know your are stressed, your family is gone, you're in a strange place with a new family. I wish I could snuggle with you and let you know everything is going to be alright, have you lightly bite my chin in your state of bliss. You loved it here, the big open space to prowl around in. Catching birds and flinging mice around like they were your personal live play toys, which I guess they were. You won't be around to tag Baxter in the nose, make him whine, show him whose boss. I'm sorry, we just couldn't take you with us. I'll miss you, I miss you already, I've loved you for 10 years. You are such a lovable kitty, wanting to snuggle, especially happy to curl up on my lap if I'm sitting and reading, my chest if I'm in bed reading. I'll always remember your smile. I'll miss your soft, warm, lithe, body sleeping next to mine. I won't miss your insistence of being fed first thing in the morning. I always thought it was cool that you would come when we called your name; in just the right way with a high note. I love how you find the sun spots and stretch out in them, on your back, and take a nap. You know how to enjoy the simple things. It makes me laugh when I give the dogs their treats, knowing you expected yours as well. I know that you didn't care for fish. We placed you in very good hands, Rich is a great guy and he loves you already. I know his doggie is bigger than Baxter and Lucy. She really wants to play with you, I hope in time you'll want to play with her too. Please forgive us.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Heavy Weight of Stuff

Busy weekend. I am so exhausted I hope my words make sense. Friday, in order to get ready for the carpet guys Saturday, I moved all the books into the shower by myself. Whew! Seven am Saturday morning Dan and I moved all the miscellaneous junk so the carpet guys could just move furniture and put in the new $3500.00 carpet. They got started around 9:30 and while they were busting that out (until around 4pm) Dan and I worked on the house. Dan painted the outside of the house while I ran the weekly errands. We got a tomato from the CSA so I made us a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch. I'm so tired I can't even remember what else Dan and I did 2 days ago! I remember Rich came buy and took Pixel our beloved kitty and that we finished for the day and had dinner at 7. Sunday is a different story. I think I will remember that like a woman giving birth remembers labour. It was painful, but the pain is slowly ebbing away as I see how great the house looks. Everything is so sparse, open and clean. I vow to never accumulate so much stuff again! While Dan painted the guest bedrooms and installed 2 ceiling fans, I cleaned the window frames where 8 years of scuzz had grown cozy. I sanded the window sills and stained them and last but not least, I cleaned the windows. Every window in the house got the treatment. We got some old english furniture polish and I went around and hit all the trim. It is amazing how that stuff erases scratches. I saw some furniture and bathroom cabinets that looked really thirsty so I gave those a polish as well. I rearranged the furniture that I could move, brought the things that were unnecessarily crowding up the space into the basement, made lunch, made the beds, and did laundry. When we were good and tired, around 7:30 that night, we took all those books and moved them downstairs. We liked how open the loft looks without them and we didn't want to put them back up because we are taking the bookshelves. We had a great relay going. Dan fished them out of the tub and placed them and the foot of the stairs on the main floor on a table. I took them from there and brought them to the basement and stacked them against the wall. Holy cow, we were in our fat burning zone for about 90 minutes straight. Baxter is outside whining to come in because he does not like the bug zapper and it was going crazy. With every heft of a stack of books to my chin, with every step down the stairs, every lowering the books to the ground, every walk back up the stairs to get another stack, I cursed myself for having so much stuff, notably books! They are 4 deep down there! I want a Kindle, I could have all those books in there, and it would be a lot easier to move around! Today we are finishing up. Our realtor just left, leaving a lock box and for sale sign in her wake and taking a plant with her. Dan installed a new screen door, did yard work and is now caulking. I am off to make lunch after having done some yard work. I'm going to use a lot of CSA veggies for a stir fry; Spinach, kholorabi, zucchinni, carrots, and eggplant. I'll roast up the beets for a maple, pecan, goast cheese salad later in the week and get dinner prepped so Dan can caulk around the sink. Dinner? Julia Child's zuchinni gratin. Zuchinni and onion sauteed, turned into some white gravy with gruyere cheese, topped with bread crumbs and baked until bubbly. We'll have it on country bread toasts with a glass of wine. Oh, my lazy-girl is calling...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's 3:47am

I shot straight out of a deep sleep. Wide awake now, I lay there with yesterdays remnant's wispy in my mind. I really need to start meditating again. Meditating clears the cobwebs and I end up with a calm, open mind. Since I started smoking again, yoga went by the way side. New quit date though, September 17th, they day I have mouth surgery. As I lay there in the dark, I hear Dan's voice echo "but what if we don't go in November". He said that to me yesterday. I have decided that we are leaving in November. I have decided that the house will be fixed up so nice that no one can resist. I hope that the first people who walk into the door fall in love and buy it. The estate sale is very profitable, we close when October closes, the doctor is ready for us to come work (or not), the dogs are ready and off we go. The thought of staying here really depresses me. I have rung all that I can from here. If I stay here, there will be no more growth, no more inspiration, just long lanes and empty highways of the same old thing. Then work crept into my mind like a slow infectious disease and it was over, no sleep for me! I thought I was being stealthy getting my robe and closing the bedroom door but Dan was awake anyway. "What's up honey?" he says in a soft, loving voice. "Nothing". "Are you ok?" Holding back tears I say I am fine. "What are you doing?" I say I'm going to go downstairs, sit out in the early morning air, and have a smoke. He's up anyway, he stands and gives me a hug and we go down together. Aside from work, his week has been busy trying to find a new bank. When we go for our research trip, we can open an account and have the money from the closing of the house transferred there. He's spent a lot of time on the phone finding an insurance company that covers Hawaii, comparing rental insurance, home owners insurance, insurance for the jeep and a motorcycle. It's a beautiful night, clear and cool, the quite is profound. He says he can't sleep because of his ill fitting pillows. I tell him my ails. I feel much better now. I'm am so grateful that I married a man who not only cares about how I feel, who not only listens, I mean really listens, but bolsters me, helps me find answers.

Yesterday we got our CSA delivery: corn, large and small beets, collards, chard, tomato, eggplant, romaine, tiny, fat carrots, loads of radishes, cilantro, parsley, beans, zucchini, kohlrabi, spinach, red leaf lettuce, one of Dan's favorites; young onions and our beautiful cut flowers. They are so lovely, I posted a picture of them.

Since we have a leisurely morning I think I'll make the leftover poached egg with cheese sauce over toast that I made this weekend, courtesy of Julia Child and stop by Starbucks for some extra strength caffeine. I hear Iz coming from Dan's computer...

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Aching back!

Whew! Feeling my age today! I spent 3 hours talking pictures down and individually wrapping each one in newspaper before packing them into a blanket lined moving box. It was nice, the windows were open so a cool breeze flitted through the sun dappled room. As I was carefully packing our memories, Bob Weir was singing about what a long strange trip it's been and I was reminiscing backwards! I felt like I was already in Hawaii, unpacking the pictures. I can only take that as a good sign. In between loads of laundry I got them all packed while Dan was working on the trim up the stairs and running to the hardware store. We got some collards from the CSA so I mixed them with some boiled potatoes, shallots and bacon for lunch. I thought I was done for the day when Dan asked me to help him paint the upstairs hallway. Ugh! Looks great now. Nobody is going to be able to resist this little piece of heaven! It's going on the market in 7 days, wish us luck! Speckles (Dan's face in covered in little yellow paint spots)just came in after assembling a ceiling fan, lightly kissed my neck and cheek and said I'm done for today, I'm going to take a shower. I having already taken one, am catching up on my blog. We are waiting for the delivery guy to drop off some Kung Pao Chicken and fried wantons for Dan and Pineapple-shrimp fried rice for me. Think we'll open a bottle of wine even though it's a school night!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm wide awake, ready to go. I lay there fighting, resisting waking up. I know, by the light, that I don't even get up this early for work. My eyes crackle open, they are dry and immediately want to close again. It's 5:48am! I close them again, Dan and I innertwine arms, snuggle into the comfort of half awake, in your most favorite bed ever, on your day off. Seconds tick by like minutes and I crack my eyes open again, I see Dan softly, gently sleeping. My first thought is beautiful.

Deb is coming over today for lunch with Trav. I am making a spinach souffle with the spinach from our CSA ( a salad and cherry clafoutis with some rose that Dan picked up. A cherry calfoutis? Cherries (with the pits still in because they add flavor) sauteed in butter, sugar, lemon zest and almond extract and poured into a cassarole. Make a batter and add whipped egg whites to it, top the cherries and bake, delicious! Deb is staying here while we do our "research" trip in a few weeks. So, we have to show her where the dog food is.

Before that, we are going to Castle Rock and having breakfast. Coffee from Crowfoot and a pastry from Dream Pastries. The picture is their crossioant with ham and swiss but I think I am going to have one of their big, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, rolls with butter and jelly. We'll head over to Tony's for some chicken and finish off shopping at Vitaman Cottage.

Tomorrow: painting, cleanng and packing. The finish line is in site, 10 more days until we list the house.

Friday, August 14, 2009

So Exciting!

Since Dan and I have made the decision to move to Hawaii, and things are solidifying, my heart has been uplifted. I just can't be in a bad mood, things don't get me down. I am joyous, I have energy, I want to do things. You need something? Right on! How can I help? I'll have a challenging (read frustrating) day at work but it just doesn't matter anymore. I don't care about the 8am roll call that completely demeans us as professionals, I don't care that I've given this company everything I have and it is still not good enough, I don't care that my manager doesn't work with me to obtain goals, I don't care that he forgets about my goals when he has an opportunity to fulfill them, I don't care about next year's review, I don't care about the mediocrity that is nourished here, I just don't care. I care about doing a good job but that's my own personal work ethic. I don't believe other people should suffer because I am not happy. Plus, I'm trying to enjoy every last moment I have here. Making the decision to leave my job is like taking off an old, worn out, threadbare coat that gives the illusion of protection. The soul crushing routine of daily being treated like a number is over. No more spinning around in the rat race. It just isn't working anymore and it is really making Dan miserable. He is under so much pressure and is so under appreciated it makes me sad to he his spirit, so vibrant and alive, slowly crushed every day that we spend here. It is time to live for life, not work, not possessions. We will miss our co workers and the great conversations we have in edit. The life long relationships we've been fortunate to create (yup, we did create some great things here) are a treasure and we will celebrate our friendship with them in Hawaii when they come to visit! Yea baby!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This morning I woke up with Fergie's "Glamorous" song in my head and by the time we left for work I couldn't shake it. So, I batted my eyes and asked in my sweetest voice if I could play it on the way in. Grudgingly he said yes. He's really not into that kind of music. So I played it, and I loved it. Bouncing around, singing, just having a good ol time! The song was over and I grabbed my iPod to put on something he would enjoy. He said "you can leave it on", a big grin spread across my face, I didn't wait for him to change his mind! Now, if you ask me, that's love! He's willing to listen to MY music! Sigh...

I've learned that they are opening a Whole Foods on Maui in the spring of 2010. They are going to need 140 people, if all goes well, we'll be there then. Seriously contemplating applying! I can only imagine all the fresh, local food they'll have!

We will be in Maui, for our research trip, in 19 days. Today Dan booked a trip, an excursion, to snorkel. Check out their description:

This 'double the fun' excursion includes snorkeling at Molokini Marine Preserve plus a second snorkel stop at Turtle Arches, a dazzling reef off Maui’s south coast known for its underwater lava arches and large resident population of green sea turtles. Pacific Whale Foundation’s certified marine naturalists give a free guided reef tour to point out sights you could easily miss on your own! We also include all of the snorkel gear, reef safe sunscreen, "learn to snorkel" class for beginners, and a Jr. naturalist program for kids. Each party receives a complimentary color guide, "Enjoying Maui's Unique Ocean Environment" and free dolphin or sea turtle poster. Rash guards are also available for rent (cash only).

This eco-tour cruise includes a tropical continental breakfast with fresh baked pastries, local island fruits, and juices, freshly brewed Kona or Maui coffee. For lunch enjoy a delightful barbecue with grilled chicken, hot dogs and veggie burgers served on fresh rolls with all dressings and condiments. We also serve delicious pasta salad and chips. To quench your thirst we provide a variety of chilled sodas, juices and filtered water, beer, wine and of course our famous Mai Tais.

Mmmm, I can't wait!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hawaiian Superman

Iz sings a song "Maui...Maui...Maui...Hawaiian Superman! And I never got it, Hawaiian superman? Maui? but I really like the melody. Like the band Blues Traveler sings "It doesn't matter what I say, as long as I sing with inflection". It's a great song and Dan and I would sing along to it as we were driving along Kauai's costal highway (singular is intended). Now that we may be moving to Maui, it's in my head all the time. I decided to learn a little about the place we may be moving to. Snaps to the iPhone, I downloaded a book via the Kindle app. Now whenever I have a spare minute or two or 30, I read "Maui a Demi God of Polynesia and of His Mother Hina. Maui is a God! (well, a demi God) Mystery solved. I have been learning a lot. Like; the 3 simple rules which practically control Hawaiian pronunciation. 1. Give each vowel a German sound. 2. Pronounce each vowel. and 3. Never allow a consonant to close to a syllable. So, Maui's name would be correctly said as Ma-oo-e. It means "to live" and is recognized as belonging to remote Polynesian antiquity. Perfect, we are going to Maui to live, really live.

Things are moving forward rather nicely. We signed a contract with the realtor, so it's official. We're putting the house up on the 25th of this month. Yesterday we spent the day "de cluttering" and packing. Dan started in the loft. An hour into it he exclaimed "I am completely overwhelmed! We have so much Stuff!" So we took a smoke break. I totally understand because I felt that way a month ago. Back then, Dan suggested moving the trip up to Spring, that way we could spend the holidays with the family and be here for my folks' 80th birthdays at the beginning of the year, and that alleviated my anxiety. That was before my brother Greg introduced us to the doctor. Yesterday, in the midst of the enormity of it all, we decided to do an estate sale. That way all we have to worry about is packing up the things we want to keep, which is very minimal. We bought a book while we were in Kauai called "So You Want to Live in Hawaii" and it has been worth every penny. Basically, it says to bring only the things you can't buy here. It is costly to ship things, you don't know when you'll have a place of your own, you don't know if what you have will fit into your new home, you don't want to be lugging it around and the moisture will ruin almost any type of wood furniture. So we are bringing some cherished books, most of my cooking equipment and about a 1/8 of my favorite cookbooks (about 50 to 70). The beautiful Waterford crystal my folks bought us along with some other treasured items. We are considering the Lazy-Boys, I mean, come on, they're so comfy! Anyway, the estate sale will make things a lot easier and we will get more money (even though they take a 30% commission) and we need all we can get to start our lives over!

Antoinette says she has a friend on the "beautiful, beautiful", side of the Big Island who owns a home there and is on the mainland. Maybe she would like to rent to us.

Dan spoke with the doctor today. He is really excited that we are coming out. He is giving very few details until we sign a non disclosure agreement, but he is really excited about the project. He is going to take us on a hike and put us in touch with his rental agent (he rents out a condo). While we were at the realtors today, we were waiting for Karen (she is SERIOUS about real estate - and taking to the very professional, very nice receptionist. We were telling her why we were moving. Dan tells her about the possible job and living situation. She says she has a friend who owns a place in Kauai and she is not living there. She sends her an email of inquiry.

Things are moving forward nicely. I just watched, and, loved Julie and Julia. Things were moving forward for them nicely too, then things got really depressing, then they made millions! I wonder when the depressing part of our story will come and what the happy ending will be like...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


There are quite a few of my friends who are expressing enormous support. It's this fantastic give and take that is going on, generating more and more momentum, swinging the pendulum towards Hawaii. One friend, after reading my blog, emailed me this:

"I am so grateful that you two have the courage to live out your dream. Very few people ever take the leap and honor their truth, AND actually live it! How it feels for me, is very freeing. I feel effected by your actions; it actually moves me, solidifies for me living my own truth and having the courage to do so. You know, we all effect each other all the time. The more of us that break free and actually start LIVING, the more of us will start doing that. We are all blessed with more than we know, few of us even realize our full capabilities."

Well put Sonja! She knows, because she has done it. Moved to Ireland, traded in her AVID editing platform for yoga and peace of mind. Her words encapsulate what this is all about. Living. The lessons are already coming. For the past 14 years I have had the same job. I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I have been in the same career for 24 years. My life is safe, predictable. Now, so many things are up in the air, so many unanswered questions. I am learning to live in the moment. To slow down, let go of the control, so I can see what life is offering me. I know intellectually that life will provide, that things I can't even imagine will happen, doors will open, opportunities will arise. But I'm learning how to feel it. To move into the current of my life and go with the flow. Surrender.

Dan already has this skill, he left Chicago on pure desire to live in Colorado and not much else. Now, 13 years later we are happily married and he is the best editor I have ever laid my eyes on. I know what you're thinking and it isn't because I love him so deeply. He really is fantastic at what he does. He thrives on the unknown, it invigorates him, makes him come alive. He has done so many things that force him to be in the moment. He climbed the diamond face of Longs Peak in Estes Park, with no ropes, alone. That was before we met. thank God! He's been to 167 Grateful Dead shows. He has kayaked the clear, cold, frothy rivers of Colorado. Most recently, we went to Nashville to work on the Country Music Awards. We were in an unknown town, an unknown post facility, working with people we didn't know. He came alive, he took the leadership role, became the man! It was a beautiful thing to witness. I hope one day I can ride life's current the way he does. Right now, I can accept the fact that I am learning, getting better, and, in the strong confident hands of my husband. Life will provide if the desire and integrity are there, and that is there!


The sun peeking through the windows gently pulls me up from a deep sleep. We left the windows open and its cool inside which is why Baxter and Lucy are curled up beside me. The Music of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Iz) - "on a white...sandy Hawaii... - is dancing across my half asleep mind. We went to Kauai in June to celebrate 10 years of marriage and listened to him the whole time. Now, we have our alarm go off playing his CD. Except, this morning the alarm does not go off. With the sounds of Iz blending into whale sounds I think of the DVD we watched last night. Humpback whales, off the coast of Hawaii, gracefully moving their enormous bodies through their playground, the ocean. We watch their hunting strategy, blowing a wall of bubbles, a perfect circle. Trapping the Krill inside they all come up through the middle, the Krill have no chance. Mother and calf swim side by side from Hawaii to Alaska, avoiding the Killer Whales. Dan is touched, I don't know what I look forward to more; seeing whales for the first time or, seeing Dan see whales for the first time.

On the evacuation front, we've had some nibbles on the car and gym equipment, but no takers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here We Go!

"Who knows, maybe crazy means going to the same job every day". My friend Antoinette says to me over the phone, she has lived in Hawaii and I've called to ask her questions. "We are doing it!" I tell her and quickly fill her in. We have taken the dogs to the vet to get them started, they won't have to be quarantined once we get there. We have made home improvements and talked to a realtor, the house is going on the market in 2 weeks. We are having a garage sale in 2 weeks, the car, some jewelry, and some exercise equipment are on Craigslist. We going to Maui on a research trip in 3 weeks. I'm happy, it's coming together. It'll all work out, a mantra my friend Dyanne gave me. We may have a job once we get there so we are going to meet a doctor while we are out there. Antoinette is reassuring. As long as you embrace the aloha spirit you will be fine. I tell her that is why we are going. We want to slow down, make meaningful connections, heal, grow and of course paradise is the perfect place to do it. She tells me about the kindness of the friends she'd made there. Giving her a place to stay when needed, a ride. She says she knows they are friends for life and they would do anything for her, her voice echos with the love she feels for them, the softness they've imprinted on her soul. She says people go to Hawaii to heal. I think she is right, for Dan and I, crazy is going to this same job every day. When I hang up, I am estatic, this is the right thing to do, I know it. I am reminded of a favorite quote “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates quote