Monday, December 21, 2009

Digital Media

Emo posted a very interesting article on Facebook yesterday. It was called How to Live Happily on 75 Percent Less. Since we will be living on considerably less than that soon, I had to read it. One video RE:Invention took my breath away. This is a 10 minute story about people who have been affected by the economy through layoffs or swindled by Bernie Madoff. Their lives are richer for their losses. Another video about how to profit from your passion interviews Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush it! He is all about digital media and its presence today. He is sure that like the corporate newspaper downfall, cable television subscriptions are next. He talks, passionately, about creating content for the web. Writing, videos, or audio. It doesn't matter, just create content and a lot of it. So this got my little brain churning. I have two ideas that I am really excited about. One, either continue this blog or create a new one called Island Life. Dan and I are buying a HD camera (the guy in the interview says quality doesn't matter but, come on, we're talking about Hawaii here) and with that we will travel around Kauai/Hawaii and shoot snorkel trips, events, concerts, surf competitions, hikes, bike rides, places to go and post them on the blog. We get to travel around, do cool stuff, meet cool people and write it off, possibly (hopefully) making a living. The second idea is another blog. This one would be about organic, sustainable food. Dan and I could go to restaurants, farmers markets, farms, fisherman, stores and do interviews/reviews for the blog. Brenda is going to put us in touch with her friend Nancy, she has an idea for a mini doc for the web, based on her life. Which would be interesting and fun. While shooting we could blog about her farm on the food blog. Or, we could go to the place we stayed at in Poipu, shoot the condos, orchid garden and restaurant. We could post on the Island Life blog as well as the food blog, all while writing it off! So that's my idea, today...

Ah Family!

I really don't want to contaminate this blog with hatred but I need to remember this.

I don't even know where to begin in this crazy mess. I guess I can start at the beginning. In September, Greg, my brother wanted to come over and buy some of the stuff we are selling. I told him I didn't feel comfortable dealing with family, we need to charge fair prices because everything we make is going to support our new lives. He said he understood that and came over in early October. Of course we gave  them and the kids a lot of free stuff, but the total still came to $123.00. After adding it all up, Barb says they forgot the check book. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal. Ok, so you are coming over for the sole purpose of buying stuff and you forget your check book. Whatever. But, my brother is a taker. So I was immediately incensed. I decide to give them the benefit of the doubt. We see them 2 days before Thanksgiving and Barb says oh yea, I owe you some money don't I? (Really?) Yes, I say. She asks me how much (Really?) I say $123.00 and she says ok and just sits there. Three days later we are there for Thanksgiving, still no money. Needless to say we are still empty handed. Now, it isn't even about the money anymore. It's the principal of the thing. I feel like they are stealing from me, and why is it that your are a jerk for asking for your own money back? Last night I got sick, running to the bathroom four times to vomit. Dan feels sick too. At any rate, I was laying curled up in a ball, stomach cramping, skin hurting when a voice loud and clear tells me to deal with this. Dan and Deb think I should say something, I don't want to. I know it will be futile, it's a lose/lose situation whenever I try to tell my family something they don't want to hear. They get mad, turn it around on me and I just end up feeling worse. One day I vented to dad, he said he understood and wanted to fix it. He would give us the money. I told him that wasn't the point, I didn't feel like he needed to pay Greg's debts, it's the entitlement, the fact that he is basically stealing. So, this morning I sent him this text (yes, text, the older I get the less I want to argue) I warn you, it gets graphic, it escalated really quick.

From Marta to Greg and Barb: I want my money this Friday. I don't want to have to ask for it, I don't want it to be a big deal, just walk up to me and give me my money. Otherwise I will consider it stealing. What kind of people steal from family? No one with any honor, no one in my family.

Greg: I have no fucking idea what you are talking about and you better get off the crack you are smoking. You should learn what family is because you sure have no idea how to treat them. If this is over that 100 plus dollars that I thought Barb gave you no problem you can have but don't ever worry about seeing us again. Your text is nothing but pure rude. Have a nice life.

Marta: (trust me, I know this is childish and it only gets worse) How convenient that you don't know if you bills are paid or not. What is rude is stealing from your own family. I have not seen any of the money or heard anything about paying it. It isn't even about the money anymore, it's about family stealing from family. I guess we'll put the kids cards in the mail (we always give them money) , have anise life.

Greg: Man you got some balls for a woman. The kids need nothing from you anymore. Stealing is when someone does something on purpose. We did not. Barb was intending on giving you the money last time you were here but you left without giving anyone a chance to react or say goodbye. I do not pay my bills Barb does. I travel providing a living for my family not worrying about the bills. You're so simple minded. I sure hope you won't need any help if you fail in Hawaii because we will not be available.

Dan: This is Dan. Ok you sexist ass, insulting a woman is so mature. Grow up and get some therapy you angry clueless idiot. Marta tried to say goodbye but Barb was more worried about watching Tv to even respond. And ask for help from you? What would ever be the point? According to you and your bitching, you're broke and have no money. Oh wait, your business is doing swell. Get over yourself. And you should think about stopping taking from your parents and consider paying them back. You seem to take from your family really well, but paying for what you got, doesn't happen. Pathetic. And Marta reminded Barb about the money you owe us. She said oh yea, how much? Marta told her $123.00 Then Barb says ok and just sat there. Nothing about going and getting it or anything. That was when we were there with AK. We saw you again 3 days later. Nothing. I don't need the money. It's the fact that you came into my house and took things with out paying for them. That's called theft. You have had ample opportunity to make this right, but instead you are going to be the angry child and end the relationship with your sister. Your parents know all about this and have offered to pay your bills yet again. We said no because we assumed that Greg is a big boy, and can pay his own way, guess not.

Greg: man you two are perfect for each other. Who is the idiot ruining a relationship over $120.00 (you) Ally you had to say was maybe you forgot or something but could you have the money when we come over Friday? You would have got the check that has been sitting here for three fucking weeks. But I guess your extremely smart way of threatening and insulting people is much easier for you two. I have been on the road almost everyday since Thanksgiving. I assumed that my wife had sent the check but she did not. easy solution ask a question but don't threaten but I guess in your life treating people like shit gets your point across and makes you feel better. And as for mom and dad i am not the one running away, yes he helped mw while I took a risk and started a company. And yes I am repaying him by building an extra wing on my new house so they don't have to go to a nursing home, what are you doing? Oh yea, breaking his heart be ruining a brother relationship and moving to Hawaii.

Marta: You are right, you are such a straight up and noble person. I am just the asshole who has to consistently ask for her money back. I thought you didn't know it didn't get paid, now you know it has been sitting around for three weeks? And believe me you have taken a lot from dad, he has paid your bills. Gee what a great supportive family everyone else matters but me! My dreams? My money? only your petty guilt trips and anger hum, thanks for making it easy to leave!

Greg: Women who throw rocks in a glass house. All the things mom and dad did for you when you were struggling (I moved back in for 1 year after a bad relationship to pay off the debt I let him get me into) and then have an opinion on them helping others? Wow! Yes they helped me when we were struggling. parents tend to do that something you have no clue about. Don't judge me with your pathetic, small minded views on life. I owe a great deal to my parents and when I make more than my bills they will be paid. Just because my company is doing good does not mean more money for me. It takes a lo to run a company and the owners are not the ones making the money while it grows. If you ever get your own going you will find that out. I have a debt with my dad that will be paid back with interest. I need not explain myself to you or anyone. Your pissy ass views on life show how you treat people. I'm glad we made it easy but we are not the ones who care. Have you hugged your dad at all while he is crying from a broken heart about you leaving? I bet no since its all about you and your perfect judging everyone world. Keep living your perfect dream and just maybe the rest of the world can grow up and be as perfect as you two.

Barb: Wow. it's in the mail.

I admit my initial text was inflammatory. I have only excuses, I was tired of asking for my money, there is a lot of history with them taking, I'm sick and stressed. I think Greg's reaction is extremely over the top and exemplifies why I didn't want to do it in the first place. The thing is, it doesn't hurt anymore. I don't care anymore.