Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Sign of the Thymes

Dinner tonight. Dan is using his laptop to make baby artichokes braised in olive oil with thyme and garlic, mine is fired up to make a ceaser salad. Baxter is looking for some tasty tidbit that may have fallen! Is that an empty wine glass in the fore ground?

Here is the after pic, yum! Can you say garlic breath? Maybe ice cream will help!

Getting Organized

Dan got a call today that someone wanted to see the house between 2 and 3pm. I gotta say, so far the worst thing about moving is always having to have the floors swept, dishes and things put away, basically, keeping the house in tip top shape. We went to Costco because I want a new super duper blender that will make my gazpacho as smooth as velvet! Luckily, they didn't have one. They cost $700.00 dolla! But...I also have a grain mill so I can make my own whole wheat flour (I've had a 5 gallon bucket filled with wheat berries for at least 10 years now) when ever I want to make my rosemary whole wheat focaccia, all I have to do is grind up some fresh flour, insuring all the vitamins and minerals and healthy fats are intact. The blender does that, so you see, I'd be downsizing! While we were there Dan got another call that someone wanted to come by between 4 and 5! So, after getting the nifty backpack that you see here for carrying my new MacBook around, we headed for the Apple store. We wanted a protective cover but those are expensive, think we'll be getting gelaskins for 20 dollars less. I'll be getting this one. Instead, we ended up getting Sony bluetooth headsets. See, I was listening to a fantastic book this morning while walking the dogs and then I took a bath and kept listening, I was concerned about the headphone cables, so when Dan just brought it up, it seemed like I needed them!

The book is intended to help me quit smoking. I think it will work once we get the darn things out of the house! Let me back up a bit. Thursday, I got the post for my dental implant. I will not write the gory details for future recollection. That day is basically forgotten and I'd like to keep it that way. The surgery went well and they provided great drugs that kept me in a haze, laid out on my couch all day. The dentist said that if I kept smoking, the implant wouldn't stick. So, why would I want to spend all that money and go through all that pain for nothing? I wouldn't! Needless to say, not smoking on Thursday was a breeze! Friday, I felt a lot better. I only took 1 vicadin, in the morning. But, I was still pretty out of it, maybe the lack of nicotine had something to do with it. So, here is where the hurdle comes in that I was unable to jump. Dan wasn't planning on quitting until Saturday. People were coming by between 1 and 3 to look at the house so, I went grocery shopping (usually a Saturday thing). Not a good idea, cold turkey, on day 2! By the time Dan got home from work, I puffed one down, gleefully! Today, it only got worse. Dan was fine as long as he was upstairs happily doing computer things (he has 3 up there now) as was I listening to my book, but once we had to leave, extreme irritation set in. Dan "forgot" to destroy and throw away the smokes, which upon reflection, probably saved us 5 bucks, so there we were cruising to Costco smokin. We bought some patches. Normally, (we're experts at quitting) we hole up in the house for 3 days, we stay in separate corners and detox alone, no additional stressors. I don't think we are going to be able to do it that way with the house being for sale and everything else. So, tonight we'll finish the pack (can't be wasteful) and it's the patch tomorrow!

Oh yea, couldn't get John's badge to work. Oh well, he created it, he should be the only one using it!