Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Love!

Dog Days of Summer

We thought today would be relaxing, but, we forget that our home is up for sale! It started out innocuous enough. We woke at around 7 and laid around petting the dogs. I made migas for breakfast while Dan got our wireless headphones working. My plan for the day was to watch some of my shows while breakfast digested and then do some yoga while listening to Pema on my new headphones. I also had a lot of cooking ahead of me, our CSA is providing us with a lot of produce! At 9:30, just as we finished breakfast, and were playing with our new headphones, I got a call from our realtor, someone was coming by between 10 and noon. Ok, quickly clean the house, I can't believe how much stuff gets on these floors after one day! Get dressed, and what do we do for 2 hours? Well, we need to make a grocery run and we could take the dogs to the dog park. I'm lovin the dog park! It's got green grass and loads of dogs. Baxter and Dan played fetch and Baxter got all tuckered out while Lucy hung back and got all lathered up, she doesn't handle heat well. We got back at noon and one of the packets that our realtor left for people who are considering buying was gone. We started with 4 now we have 3. We were still full from breakfast so we skipped lunch. I thought well, I'll chill watch a couple of shows, do some yoga, make the lunch and put it in the freezer and start dinner. About an hour into my lazy slumber, Dan came down (at around 2) and said someone was coming by between 3 and 4. Mmm, to late for yoga, I'll just lay around more. I was watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations show on Montana. I found myself relating to the folks down there. They are all there because of the beauty, doing a lot of odd jobs to make ends meet. No buying two MacBook's or wireless headsets. Just doing what it takes to live there, just to be there. He ended the show with the line "This is a place where people can hear their inner voice, and live by what they hear". That is exactly what Kauai represents to me. I see myself doing all kinds off odd jobs to make ends meet. Cooking, writing, yoga, maybe scuba. So I can live in a beautiful place, hear my inner voice loud and clear, and act on it! Then I watched some Tyler Florence shows. I had no lunch and it was 2, he was making spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Parmesan, garlic bread and it all looked so good. So, when it was time to go I asked Dan how he felt about having some Italian. Always in a I could eat state of mind, he was game! So off to Johnny Carino's we went. We tried a local Italian joint first but they were closed because they were doing a catering gig. We got some organic wine - I think I'm feeling the effects of all the chemicals in regular wines - (Bonterra Syrah from Mendocino County California) that we really liked (bonus, they let you take what you don't finish, if you order a bottle) and we both got Veal Parmesan. Full and buzzed we ripped off our nicotine patches and headed to the closest gas station. Gack! I haven't had one smoke free day yet! I guess moving inconveniences us more than I thought. Can't stop smoking, eating bad, jeez will we ever be able to do it? BTW, another packet was gone when we got home!