Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baxter's First Kill

a wide shot of Mount Wai'ale'ale

close up 1

close up 2

Sunday afternoon we took the dogs to the beach. We were hot and sticky, the dogs were hot and lazy. As soon as they figured out that we were going somewhere they perked up. They expect when we go whenever we go, running down the stairs at mach 10 and jumping into the jeep. Baxter, nudging himself up front to get some cool air from the vent, leaning on me. Lucy clamoring behind him, trying to make her way forward. He is between Dan and me on the center console, panting. Once we hit the dirt road, he goes crazy. This happens every time. Today, I decide to really pay attention, I even warned him when we were turning onto it. The first several bumps in the road cause a slight tremor to run throughout his body. Thirty seconds into it, he is vibrating with excitement, literally, his whole body has a violent tremor running through it. He is also yelping and moaning and screaming, like he is being tortured. I suppose as excited as he is, it is pretty torturous to be sitting inside the jeep when he knows what's coming, one of his favorite things in the world!

We walk the dogs on leash until we get close to the water. I have Lucy and she is almost dragging me forward. I put her in a sit and take off the lease, then release her. She runs, full blast, right into the ocean. I pick up some drift wood and chuck it into the water as Baxter runs by and gives me a bark, letting me know he's ready for business. For a while, it's the same routine; thrown the stick, watch Baxter get it (someone on the beach noticed he actually wags his tail while he is swimming), he drops it in front of one of us, we immediately throw it. If we delay in anyway, he is ready with a quick, loud bark to stimulate us into throwing the stick again. We found Lucy a little stick and Dan actually got her to fetch! She didn't like to go where the waves crash onto shore, (although sometimes, when she was all wrapped up in her stick, she inadvertently did) so Dan threw it onto the shore where there would be about a 5 foot stretch of inch deep water. The first time she ran after it, the ocean splashed her face and took her stick. She got smart and the second time, she ran to it, trapped it with her foot, waited for the water to recede some and grabbed it. It was one of the coolest things to see. A little while later I'd carry her pretty far into the water and put her in (legs swimming in the air on the way down) as Dan threw the stick. She would swim right to it, grab it with her mouth, and swim to shore. Sometimes, riding a wave in.

Monday, we got the safety inspection in town, went downtown to get the plates for the jeep and register the moped, and back to town to get the safety inspection sticker applied. The safety inspection consisted of turning on the headlights, blinkers, brake lights, blinkers, horn, and windshield wipers. He also checked the seat belts and the tread on the tires. Nice and easy!

Once we got home, Dan put up the blinds in the living room, a mirror in the bedroom, and hung a shelf by my side of the couch. I have a wall right next to me so there is no room for an end table, as a result, I have been using the window sill. With the blinds up, I can't use it anymore. While he was doing all that, I registered Kauaian Fresh as a sole proprietorship and researched my competition. I learned that I was going to charge $45.00 LESS an hour than them, so my price is now $20.00 an hour higher! I can't charge what they do because they have been to culinary school, worked in high end restaurants, and have been cooking for a decade or more.

As I was researching, dreaming up ideas, and recipes, Baxter heard the chickens outside and started whining to be let out. They were right in plain site, a black chicken and a bunch of chicks but he didn't see them. I guess they didn't see or hear him either because they just stayed right there, scratching, clucking and generally having some quality family time. Following his nose along the hedge, he looked up and saw them about 6 feet away. Off he went scattering chickens and feathers everywhere. He turned his back on them and mama came flying after him, he turned around just in time, and she flew off into the hedge. All of the chicks had disappeared except one, she was in the middle of the yard. Baxter and Lucy, at opposite ends of the yard, noticed it at the same time. From two directions the little chick was descended upon. When Baxter got to it, he immediately picked it up in his mouth and I cried out his name. I walked over and the baby had a puncture in her abdomen, quickly dying in my hands. With the taste of blood, Baxter is unstoppable. He now lays by the front door, watching and listening. I have to say, the first night we were here we were afraid, the cacophony of rooster and chicken calls all through the night, left little doubt the sleep was going to be precious. Now, the chicken calls are barely noticeable, part of the background noise, nothing annoying.

Today, I ventured out on my own. I really enjoyed driving the curvy, one lane, mountain road that we live on, admiring the ocean views and feeling the breeze blow my hair so I looked like a crazy woman. I went to the dentist to get the mold for my implant done. My dentist is so laid back. It's weird because he is anal and a perfectionist, I've seen it. He sent me a birthday card, handwritten, so nicely that when Irene asked if I got it, I had to ask her if it was printed out! He also made a welcome to my practice video, by himself, with his computer. He put a mold with a ton of goo in my mouth, held the mold with his fingers gently braced under my jaw, and says "ok, now we have to stay like this for 3 minutes, don't bite my finger off", then starts humming. He and Irene are so nice, I'm really glad I found them. Plus, he's won the People's Choice of Kauai award.

While I was away, Dan, not having found an end table to his liking, made one. He also put up some shelves in the bathroom, for our toothbrushes and stuff (one 8 inch shelf each, offset) When I got home,  I joined the Kapa'a Business Association. I get some business advertising and discounts. I get to be updated and informed about my community, volunteer and meet people. They put on The Coconut Coast Festival in October, and they have 10,000 people come, I may get a booth. That will give me enough time to get established. If my business makes enough I'll spend the $450.00, if not, I'm totally going, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Didn't he do a great job?

Lucy likes to nap in the coolest part of the house. She can be found on the bathroom tile.