Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Beginning

I woke up early today, about 5am, bursting with energy. I'm so excited that our new lives are finally on their way! I let the trepidation (ok you asked for it, now its here) wash over me and laid in bed thinking about working for someone who owns a boat and takes tourists out. There I was on deck, sun shining, clear, blue, blue water, wind whipping through my hair, hanging out with the happy tourists of the day, knowing they wished they were me. I decided I needed to balance my energy out so I got up and went downstairs to do yoga. It felt so good, my body instinctively knowing the poses, my eyes closed, it felt good to stretch and build up a sweat, my heart pumping, my muscles flexing, my mind relaxing. When I finished, I did my normal prayer "May I be free from fear and harm, may I be happy as I am, may I be at peace with whatever comes". Extending that out to someone I love I repeated it to Dan. "Dan, may you be free from fear and harm, may you be happy as you are, may you be at peace with whatever comes." And finally, extending the love out to someone I have a difficult time with, today it was my mom. "Mom may you be free from fear and harm (fighting the inner critic that says yeah right), MOM may you be happy as you are (let it go), mom, may you be at peace with whatever comes". I have all this great energy flowing through me so I ask for all the things I want Kauai to bring us. Health, joy, beauty, financial security doing something we love, doing something outside every day, bringing us closer, making us stronger, the dogs happy and safe from fleas, ticks and all manner of inconvenience, friends, connection, love for our new home, whales, sea turtles, dolphins, monk seals, birds, trees, flowers, waterfalls. I'm just so happy that we are on our way!

Today our plan is to chill. Read, take naps. We're going to celebrate New Years with Brian and Tiffany, head over to their house around 5. I think I'll have shakes fro breakfast and lunch in preparation for the big dinner and lots of drinking!!

I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year's eve and a fantastic New Year!! 2010 here we come!!