Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange Days Indeed

Dan the Sleestak and me the good luck Hawaiian gecko.

Saturday, we went to Jenny and Jen's Halloween party. I was never a Halloween person but Dan is. He talked me into getting a fairly expensive costume and I'm glad I did. I get it now. It's fun to dress up as someone or something else and parade around with your friends being silly and generally having a great time. Since I won't be needing it in Hawaii (way to hot there - it was 80 degrees Halloween night) I donated my costume to Bill, he has 4 boxes of costumes!

This Halloween in Kauai, a yacht race with themed costumes. The crew of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" won.

Things are getting stressful. I'm smoking like a fiend and my body hates it, I tell it to hold on for a couple more months because I really can't quit right now! I imagine Dan and I will apply our first patch on the plane ride to Kauai. For the last several nights I wake between 4 and 5am. This morning it was 4. I lay there for a good 40 minutes, deciding that when I am in Kauai I am going to run and do yin yoga on the beach every day. If I have time, I'll go for a swim. It'll be great because I can breathe there and when I do yin yoga I am most receptive to my higher self, something I plan on listening to more. (I'm in the garage smoking and typing this and Dan with his mussed up hair and sleepy eyes, peeks his head around the door and joins me, he can't sleep either). As I lay in bed, some things kind of coalesce. I had a great day with a producer yesterday. (Funny how once I became unattached to that place things seem to be getting better in my sessions). She was upset, worried about a project. We talked and by the end of the session she thanked me because she felt better. She even sent me an email later thanking me again and saying she used some of my advice in a meeting and things were looking up. That made me really happy because one of the things I want to do is be inspiring. So, that showed me I can do it. I think that I can combine my love for health, food, and yoga with some inspiration. I can get certified in yoga and personal chef eventually combining the two. Several years ago I did a cleanse at a yin yoga studio. It was 7 days long eliminating all animal products. The first day you can have whole grains, beans, fruits and veggies. Every day you eliminate 1 thing like grains and then beans. On the 4th day you only have fruit and veggies and then you ramp back up again adding one thing a day. It also included yoga classes to support the anxiety you feel not eating the foods you normally eat. It's a great thing to do because it's breaks the strong connection you have with food, making you realize you don't need that much. My instructor has this soothing voice and while you are deeply relaxed, in these poses designed to stretch your connective tissue (joints) you are mentally open. She did a fantastic guided meditation where once she got you where she wanted you, she asked you if your addiction to food (or in my case cigarettes) was bigger than you. I got a resounding NO!!! It was really powerful. Dan wasn't quitting at the time so I was not able to stay clean. I always wanted her to do it again, I don't think she understood the healing power of it, for whatever reason she never did it again. I would love to do that. Another idea I had takes some explaining. When I got my facial Monday, I told my esthetician she looked great. She attributed it to a cleanse she is doing called Isagenix. She took me to her kitchen (she works out of her home) and showed me the shakes, snacks and tonics. She had me try a shot of the cleanse tonic and some energy booster. I listened to her, not taking it too seriously. I believe the body does a great job of cleansing itself if you eat whole plant based foods. Fifteen minutes later I am lying on her table and I feel a buzz of energy, I'm literally vibrating, in a good way. Also, normally when I lay down on my back, my lungs act badly. The asthma and smoking cause me to cough a lot. But, I'm laying there and I can breathe really well. I am taking big, deep breathes and having no trouble. It's like I have Lance Armstrong lungs! She tells me how it minimizes the grip fibromyalgia has on her, that she has lost weight, and she has energy now. I decide I want some and in the back of my mind I'm thinking I can sell this stuff too. So, big picture, maybe 3 years down the road: I own a yoga studio with a small cafe and sell Isagenix. It will have indoor/outdoor studios. The outdoor studio will have a covered lanai with an ocean or beautiful garden view and a waterfall. I can offer freedom from addiction classes, and healthy food. Locals will come to do yoga and eat healthy. Tourists will come for week long cleanses or detox/breaking addiction classes. I will still run on the beach every day and if I have the time go for a swim.

Dan found out yesterday that there is trouble with his folks. He may go to Chicago tomorrow. His step mom fell and broke her wrist, herniated 2 disks and broke her femur in half. She is going to be in the hospital for a long time. Meanwhile, his dad is at home and is so sick he needs professional help. Dan thinks he can go down there and talk his dad into going to an assisted living facility.

My wonderful, fun loving, detail oriented, caring dentist drops a bomb shell. She may be closing the practice, she is getting checked today for a bone marrow disease. At worst she has 6 months to live. I immediately get teary eyed while she happily tells me it's forcing her to get organized, she doesn't want to leave a mess for her family. She says she is going to close the practice and do crafts with her girls all day. One of them is there, a young girl they adopted from China. She is rolling around the office chair and I tell her her mom is a she-ro! Her sweet little face lights up. Dr. Albin Davis, uncomfortable with the compliment, says I don't see her cry. I wish I would have said it's ok, she-ros cry too. She is in a hurry to leave and so am I, I had arrived 15 minutes late. I over scheduled my day and now I have to rush home because Linda is meeting me there to buy candle supplies and my craft table. I love Linda. She is so laid back, non pulsed that we have arrived 30 minutes late. She, on the other hand, was on time. Forgetting to set her clock back an hour. Later that night Andrea came over to buy some kitchen stuff. We haven't seen her in 4 years. It's like we never left off, picking up a string of conversation that has been going on for years. She looks fantastic, happy because her dreams are coming true. She is now a home owner and joyfully making it her own. She is getting married in June.

This week we have sold:
Heavy bag, sped bag and stand, 2 kayaks, grain mill, vacuum sealer, kitchen supplies, candle supplies, and a craft table.

On a final note, we are completely out of debt! Dan paid off the jeep, so hopefully its, save, save, save.