Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Baxter!

Today, Baxter is 9 years old. We decided to celebrate, by taking him on a hike. About a minute down the street, we keep seeing parked cars with dogs walking around, so we decided we'd check that out. A lady, returning from walking her 3 dogs told us the story. 20 years ago, a man sold some land for development that wasn't his. As a matter of fact, our neighbors Alice and Dan bought some of this land and have been in probate for 20 years. It has turned into a dog park of sorts. Dirt roads and no traffic, the only thing missing is a stream for them to cool off in. There is a canal, mountain runoff, about 4 feet wide and who knows how deep. But, it's about 4 feet straight down. Baxter wanted a drink of water so bad, he almost fell in trying to get some.
Park your car, go over the barricade and you're in.

Huge trees with vines growing up them.

The leaves on those vines are as big as your head!

They are in heaven, and Dan and I are really happy this is 1 minute from the house!

Sleeping Giant Mountain

These pretty trees line the walk

a close up of the flowers on the tree

Dan had to see if those rocks were real or man made. They are man made.

The dirt here is red, even the dogs are turning reddish!

Pretty vine with pretty flowers growing on it.

There's horses down there (if you didn't know you can click on the picture to see it full screen)

Lucy says "It's Africa hot!"

Dan loves these trees, they seem like trees you'd see in Africa.

Down country roads, take me home...

After we got home, Dan started putting the safari top on the jeep and cargo nets on the windows

He had some help from Phil and Simone's cat, Nelly

All done! Plates, safety sticker, safari top and cargo nets! The dogs are going to love this!

We had to get hawaiian style seat covers!

After a simple lunch of whole wheat pasta, butter, parmesan cheese and pepper Dan will stay home and chill out. I am going grocery shopping and doing some research while I am at it. I plan on talking to Nok about her produce and seeing if she'll work with me. Then, I am going to get some pallea fixins and see if I can't put a hawaiian twist on it by using pineapple. It's an experiment for the Kauaian Fresh menu.

My aunt's pale. I would love to use whole shrimp, they have them at the store with heads on and everything, it tastes so much better. But, I think people might be weirded out by it. The other shellfish in this picture are langoustines, can't get them here.

Lucy, post hike. Ever after a hose down, she still has a red undercarriage!

Sunset. Tomorrow, we surf!

Dan took this picture. It's a gecko, on the window, at sunset

Happy Birthday B!