Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mother's Know Best

When I told mom and dad what was going on at the bakery and of my secret evil plan to get revenge, my mom adamantly told me to take the high road. Lee and Cindy said stand your ground, take the high road, it's a small island, don't ruin your reputation. So, I stuffed my anger and emailed her. I told her I quit and listed the hours I worked for her. She wrote back, all confused, asking me why. She also said she had a check waiting for me at her house. 

Later in the afternoon Dan and I took Lucy to the vet to have her teeth checked and her butt squeezed again. She has a problem expressing on a regular basis. TMI? =) I wanted Dan to come with me to the baker's house, as a witness of sorts, Cindy's suggestion of being set up was fresh in my mind. 

Baxter didn't like being left in the car, he's been here before. He voiced his outrage as we walked through the banana patch to the back of the house where she and I used to meet. A young lady was sitting on the porch listening to Hawaiian music and typing on her laptop. Startled to see me, I introduced myself and told her there was a check waiting for me. She had no idea about the check or who I was. After explaining my story she went inside and called the baker. Several minutes later she came out and handed me the phone. The baker was angry! She told me my numbers weren't matching up. I was so shocked that she was angry and again accusing me of doing something dishonest, my mind went blank and I fumbled for words to explain the money again. Handing the phone back to her assistant, I went to the car to get my cell phone, I had texted her after market with the total amount in the cash box. 

Baxter, having finally calmed down, started barking again at my approach. The baker now wants to give me $50.00 less than what she owes me, $50.00 less than what the awaiting check was supposed to be. I ask her assistant if she just can't give me the whole amount so we can be done, she says no. I take the check she has just written me as Dan writes an itemized list of the money situation; what was made, how much Val took, the amount I paid for our booth at market, my market pay, deducted the amount of the check her assistant just wrote me and left the balance due. She said she would call the baker, I asked her to mail the check as I live 30 minutes away.

Back in the comfort and safety of our home, I forward the baker's assistant an email the baker wrote me saying there'd be a check for $250.00 waiting and to take the remaining monies from the cash box. I still haven't heard anything but, at least I took the high road. And, if her check doesn't bounce (it's from a bank in Austin, TX) then I'll only be $50.00 short. Unless, of course, I get a check in the mail.

I feel really great about being done with the whole thing. Not having to work for her has infused me with energy and opened me up for other pursuits, namely writing. Writing had been put on the back burner as I scrambled every week to keep up with the baker's ever changing needs. Whew! Moving on.

Here are some pictures from Sunday's hike to Ho'opi Falls. 

On the way in

Baxter and Lucy give the hike a "2 tails waggin" rating because it has drinks!

Once again, we are astounded by the enormous beauty.

We heard the falls way before we saw them.

Ho'opi Falls, less than 5 minutes from our house.

Making our way back,

I stopped to hug a tree!

Happy Trails!