Sunday, June 26, 2011

I just love this shot that Dan took!
I have just a few minutes before we have to leave, so I apologize if this seems rushed and lacking detail. This morning I am doing an interview for a new restaurant across the street from the county jail (East side of island) called The Jailhouse. That’s not the reason for the name, it’s because it’s an Irish pub and the owners work in the justice system. They put released convicts to work there, helping to reintegrate them into the community.
This is by the falls near our home
At 3:30 we will drive to Koloa (South side) to interview the owner of a new Mexican food truck. He is from Mexico and I have interviewed him before. It was when I first got this job and he managed Pizzetta in Koloa. My folks got to come on that one. The menu looks awesome for both, so I’m looking forward to it!
The view from Tetchie's house

I’ve been making an effort to get out more, before my social skills completely deteriorate! This week we had dinner at our friend Tetchie’s house. She is Filipino and made us a wonderful Filipino meal that included lumpia (like egg rolls) and carne adovada. I asked her why so many Filipino words and dishes were Spanish and she didn’t know. I’ll have to look it up, unless one of you guys know. 
Right above the falls
Saturday morning I volunteered for the Mayor-A-Thon. It’s a free event put on by the county where the mayor encourages fitness. 500 people walked, ran or biked the costal trail in Kapaa and there was entertainment and breakfast afterward. I had interviewed Marie of Sweet Marie’s gluten-free bakery last week. She served three types of frittatas (Italian omelets): Veggie with roasted red bell pepper, broccoli, onions and potato; chicken sausage, potato and onion, or plain. She told me she used 80 cartons of eggs! She also served muffins and fresh fruit. I helped her serve the hungry participants.
This picture was taken at a farm while I was interviewing a farmer
Fourth of July weekend, we will be trying to quit smoking again! On the 6th, I am going to start seeing a personal trainer. I figure this will help me, stay off sickerettes (thanks Debi), get me out of the house, meet people and hopefully lose a good 40 pounds. The inactivity due to writing plus eating at restaurants (for work of course) has put on the pounds! I saw a picture of me from the Mayor-A-Thon and was shocked!
Me at the Mayor-A-Thon, Marie is right next to me. A tiny, lil thing for a baker! I hate always being the biggest person!

Dan is dropping his weight. In the two weeks he’s worked at his new job, he’s done 7 hiking tours. That’s 7 days of hiking with a 50 pound pack on his back! He’s really tired, and I have him working today on his day off, but he is extremely happy. 
This is John, one of the people on Dan's tour. He's Air Force, working at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

He makes great tips so we are using that money for living (gas and stuff) and the checks go straight into the bank. Looks like we’ll finally be able to start saving!
The is a dragon fruit flower, it's about 18 inches long! Can't wait for the fruit!