Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moonbows and Milkshakes

Andrea King at Moonbow Magic's grand opening

Last Sunday we went to the grand opening for Moonbow Magic. Dan designed the Web site and the owner wanted us to come and celebrate with her. About 50 of her friends showed up and everyone brought something to eat. In Hawaii, it’s customary to have a blessing when you start a new venture like a business, new home, wedding, birth, anniversary or graduation. 
It’s hot in the mid afternoon sun when the kahuna begins with an ole (chant) in her native Hawaiian tongue. The ancient words, projected to the good people of Hanapepe, are infused with power and grace. Soon, black bumble bees the size of ping pong balls, are buzzing around and shadows are cast from shimmering butterfly wings. Someone looks up and notices the moon hanging low in the sky.

Andrea's husband, the Kahuna and Andrea 
Bees symbolize industry and wealth. Butterflies symbolize transformation and good fortune. I was grateful to have witnessed such a powerful moment and happy to share my ha, (breath, life force) with the fifty or so other folks who came to wish owner Andrea King goodwill.

She sells hand made jewelry

and cool decorations for the house.

Dan surprised me on Valentine’s day with a coupon for a facial. When he got home from work, we took a walk along a beach close to home and picked out pretty shells that dotted the shore. It’s winter so that means high surf on the east side, and lots of shells, coral, coconuts, seeds and plants wash up on the sandy beaches.
Explosive rock collapses inside Kilauea volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park created beautiful sunrises all week. Even though the days are overcast from the vog, it’s still warm, averaging 75 degrees. 

Birthday sunrise

On my birthday, I took the dogs to the beach before I went in for the facial. Dan works with Bonnie and because she really likes him, I got the hook up. I was supposed to get an hour facial but she spent two hours on me giving me a massage, facial and painted my toes. When she was done, she gave me a white ginger lei that her friend made. It was the most beautiful lei I’ve ever worn and smells divine!

Dan and I met at Tutu’s Soup Hale for lunch. Bert whipped up a “birthday cake” made of Hawaiian sweet bread in a pool of coconut and chocolate syrups and topped with whipped cream. YUM!
We spent dad and mom’s birthday money at Oasis. Luckily, they like us (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the restaurant review that just ran) and gave us a great deal! Sitting by the beach and listening to live ukulele music, we had squash blossoms stuffed with ahi, ahi civiche with avocado, oxtail risotto and strawberries with creme fresh ice mousse. All with a matching cocktail or wine!
Port, tuaca and amaretto cocktail

Ahi civiche on avocado

Kauai Kunana goat cheese makes an interesting caprase salad

Thursday, we went to do a restaurant review at the Waipouli Deli, owned by two Japanese women who immigrated here 40 years ago. Their deli has been open for 33 years serving excellent local style food. I came home to an email from the paper saying it was due in four weeks instead of Monday! I had to hustle and get something scheduled.
Friday found us reviewing Kauai Pasta. I really like the food here. High end dining in a casual environment with a liberal use of truffle oil. The bartender Joe suggested we review them on several occasions. We tried pizza, pasta and fries; beer, cocktails and a rum and coke float - a milkshake for adults!
Rum and Coke Float made with ice cream and ground ores.

Angle hair pasta with prawns and edamame in a buttery chicken broth

Parmesan Truffle fries with four dipping sauces

The KP Lounge is super swanky!

Lucy has a bladder infection so we took her to the vet Saturday. Today, as I write this, rain is coming down and low thunder vibrates the walls. I have homemade chicken broth simmering on the stove for a meat and bean stew. Dan is chatting with someone who wants his vacation rental shot. 

We cut Lucy's hair. There was enough hair left over for a whole other dog!

Same with Baxter

Baxter, with his new mohawk, and Lucy want pancakes

Dan and I went to a botanical garden on the north shore and he got this shot of a bee

Kids can feed koi in the lagoon

There are bronze sculptures throughout the gardens

Papery plants grow up the trunk of a palm tree

and exotic plants like this 8 foot fuzzy thing are among the unusual sites.

Aloha nui loa