Monday, August 10, 2009

Hawaiian Superman

Iz sings a song "Maui...Maui...Maui...Hawaiian Superman! And I never got it, Hawaiian superman? Maui? but I really like the melody. Like the band Blues Traveler sings "It doesn't matter what I say, as long as I sing with inflection". It's a great song and Dan and I would sing along to it as we were driving along Kauai's costal highway (singular is intended). Now that we may be moving to Maui, it's in my head all the time. I decided to learn a little about the place we may be moving to. Snaps to the iPhone, I downloaded a book via the Kindle app. Now whenever I have a spare minute or two or 30, I read "Maui a Demi God of Polynesia and of His Mother Hina. Maui is a God! (well, a demi God) Mystery solved. I have been learning a lot. Like; the 3 simple rules which practically control Hawaiian pronunciation. 1. Give each vowel a German sound. 2. Pronounce each vowel. and 3. Never allow a consonant to close to a syllable. So, Maui's name would be correctly said as Ma-oo-e. It means "to live" and is recognized as belonging to remote Polynesian antiquity. Perfect, we are going to Maui to live, really live.

Things are moving forward rather nicely. We signed a contract with the realtor, so it's official. We're putting the house up on the 25th of this month. Yesterday we spent the day "de cluttering" and packing. Dan started in the loft. An hour into it he exclaimed "I am completely overwhelmed! We have so much Stuff!" So we took a smoke break. I totally understand because I felt that way a month ago. Back then, Dan suggested moving the trip up to Spring, that way we could spend the holidays with the family and be here for my folks' 80th birthdays at the beginning of the year, and that alleviated my anxiety. That was before my brother Greg introduced us to the doctor. Yesterday, in the midst of the enormity of it all, we decided to do an estate sale. That way all we have to worry about is packing up the things we want to keep, which is very minimal. We bought a book while we were in Kauai called "So You Want to Live in Hawaii" and it has been worth every penny. Basically, it says to bring only the things you can't buy here. It is costly to ship things, you don't know when you'll have a place of your own, you don't know if what you have will fit into your new home, you don't want to be lugging it around and the moisture will ruin almost any type of wood furniture. So we are bringing some cherished books, most of my cooking equipment and about a 1/8 of my favorite cookbooks (about 50 to 70). The beautiful Waterford crystal my folks bought us along with some other treasured items. We are considering the Lazy-Boys, I mean, come on, they're so comfy! Anyway, the estate sale will make things a lot easier and we will get more money (even though they take a 30% commission) and we need all we can get to start our lives over!

Antoinette says she has a friend on the "beautiful, beautiful", side of the Big Island who owns a home there and is on the mainland. Maybe she would like to rent to us.

Dan spoke with the doctor today. He is really excited that we are coming out. He is giving very few details until we sign a non disclosure agreement, but he is really excited about the project. He is going to take us on a hike and put us in touch with his rental agent (he rents out a condo). While we were at the realtors today, we were waiting for Karen (she is SERIOUS about real estate - and taking to the very professional, very nice receptionist. We were telling her why we were moving. Dan tells her about the possible job and living situation. She says she has a friend who owns a place in Kauai and she is not living there. She sends her an email of inquiry.

Things are moving forward nicely. I just watched, and, loved Julie and Julia. Things were moving forward for them nicely too, then things got really depressing, then they made millions! I wonder when the depressing part of our story will come and what the happy ending will be like...