Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dan and I are easing into a routine. Our days are busy working and having fun doing it. We plan on having some real fun this weekend at the Taro Patch in Anahola. There are 3 bands playing at the outdoor venue and a lot of our farm friends are going, so we are really looking forward to it. Outside of Papaya's Dad will finishing up the website for Jillian's Seed to Table course. I need to do my final for the class, write the text for the Seed to Table home page, and make an ad for the CSA. Hopefully we'll make it to the ocean too!

George Clooney left the house across the street from the farm and Jennifer Aniston is staying there now. She is filming a new movie with Dave Matthews as her husband. Gary (Jillian's husband) saw him the other day in the street that runs along the farm and Dave flashed Gary a hang loose sign. Meanwhile Tara, owner of Kauai Fungi (on the same property as the farm) gave Jennifer Aniston a private yoga class. Tara came over to the farm and told us how her dog Hoku snuck in, luckily Jennifer likes dogs. Hoku gave Jennifer kisses and then while at the farm gave me kisses, lucky Hoku!

Here are some pictures from todays harvest and stuff.

Rainbow Swiss Chard 


The bounty

Lovely Tiana harvested Tat Soi

Teo harvested beans

Yesterday, Gary and Jillian has some concrete poured in to expand the wash station (shown here) and the shop

Matt and Gary get it ready for the concrete company


1st pour


Chris and Azure flash a hang loose

Chris and Gary admire their hard work

Finished wash station

These need to get planted. From left to right; avocado tree, taro plant (think poi), thyme, succulent oregano, thyme, Jamaican lilikoi, oregano

Our neighbors Phil and Simone lost their cat Nelly yesterday, she got hit by a car. Simone found her and carried her home and Phil buried her in the back yard. Nelly was a great cat, she reminded us of Pixel (our kitty that Rich adopted when we left Colorado). RIP Nelly.