Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

We hit the road in 8 days. We still have a lot of packing to do, donations need to be picked up, friends need to come over and get their stuff. Yesterday, we went and looked at the U-Haul options. Besides the little bit of stuff we are taking, we need room for our luggage (3 suitcases containing everything we will immediately need), a cooler full of food and drink for the drive to L.A., 2 dog crates and 2 dogs. We decided we'd get the 14' truck with the trailer. Everything will go in back except the dogs and we can put the jeep on the trailer. Here's your chance to laugh! Dan, me, Baxter (our 50 lb. English Springer Spaniel) and Lucy (our 20 lb. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) will all be in the cab during our 2 day drive to L.A., Baxter even gets his own seat! Should be fun, at least that are rest goes up!

My friend Mitzi stopped by for a last visit and left with a bunch of stuff. We are giving it all away now, having tired of Craig's List. This morning we are making phone calls: health insurance, rental car in Kauai (the jeep will get there in 2 weeks, our stuff in 3), donation pick up, and, book pick up.

Today is our last official day at Starz so we are going in at around 10:30 to send out the goodbye email, fill out our time sheets, do an exit interview, say goodbye to everyone and have a happy hour at Hacienda Colorado. Before we go in we need to drop off Dan's glasses for new lenses (while we still have good insurance) and deposit some checks.

With this cold, Colorado is trying to make it so we won't be missing it too much!