Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change for Balance

The decision to leave has been the hardest so far. Everything else (selling our house and selling our stuff, quitting our job, moving) is time consuming and stressful but tolerable because it's the beginning of the end. The end of the rat race, the end of the doldrums. Once we leave, it will be the beginning. A lot of people at work are inspired by our move. My boss said we came up in an executive meeting and that we had the whole of the company rooting for us. I think that is fantastic. I hope we inspire at least one person to make their dreams a reality, now! Not later, life is too short. Even if it's starting with small things like writing, learning how to dance, getting out in nature more.

Yesterday, my friend posted the comment "Mahalo Maui" on Face Book. One of her friends posted "Mahalo Kauai". I'm becoming so bold in this process that I did something I wouldn't have done a year ago. I sent him a friend request with a message. I told him I saw his post and was wondering if he was visiting or if he lived there. His name is Roddy, he said he lives there in the winter! We talked back and forth all day and I learned that he is a producer, director and editor for a production company he owns with 3 other guys. Change for Balance. What a fantastic name, a name that could describe what we are doing! They make videos that matter, their latest Equine Destiny, "exposes mounting issues facing this country's equines. Horse abandonment and neglect are not new problems. Today, these problems have increased dramatically."
This morning I got a message from my friend, one who is inspiring me!

Hi Marta!
Yes, a lot of travel for me these days! Leaving Maui tomorrow and off to India for two months, then Byron Bay Australia. See where it leads when you "let yourself be guided"????! Pinch me!

So far my journey has been amazing-beautiful, fulfilling, healing...and FUN!!!

So excited for you two! I've met SO many people from Kauai lately! (lots seem to go to Bali). I have two friends who have a production company and live on Kauai. I met them in Mysore last year. Cool, laid back and talented! Try to hook up with them, Jay and Roddy:
Stay in touch Marta. I am so excited to hear how it goes for you guys!
lots of love, and good luck on your journey!