Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning I woke to the pink glow of the sunrise and a cacophony of bird song. The birds didn’t go silent, they are always there. I just started hearing them again.
I just took the dogs for a walk, they were so good yesterday while I edited this video. For my professional editing colleagues, if you decide to spend three minutes of your life watching this, please remember that I have a consumer camera that weighs about one half pound. Of course this comes with a mic that is permanently affixed to it.  Plus, it’s the first time I have edited on Final Cut Pro, and my first video in 14 months. I know, big build up!
Despite that, I like it. It took me back to the early days of my career and I think the music (from a local band) makes it fun to watch. Dan made some fantastic graphics for it and some great photos. I like his people shots. He gets some great smiles out of people who are usually nervous about getting their picture taken and he captures some intimate, candid moments.
I’m going to relax a bit today. Do some yoga and meditation, maybe watch some more tutorials on Final Cut. I’m saving the restaurant review for tomorrow. It’s Dans one day off and if I’m occupied he’ll have a chance to relax!
Aloha nui loa